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Lena Stone Criswell




Thirteenth Year - Number 41

Marlin, Texas, December 11, 1902

(Paper may be dated Dec. 1, 1902-lsc)



By A. W. E.


    Miss Mary Hammers, of the Chilton, has been quite sick for several days.


    F P Davis, of Golindo, J. B. Murphy of Mustang Prairie, J W Alsup, of Chilton, D C Clark, of New Salem, W R Summers, of Mooreville, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Holland, of Center, Miss Rosetta Wright, of Taylor, Misses Lowley and Ellis of Chilton, Miss Ethel Powell, of Union, and others, had business with the county superintendent's office Saturday.


    R B Black, (col.) is doing good work with 15 pupils present Tuesday.  The geography drill was especially good.  He was highly complimented by the county superintendent for his nice, clean and tidy room and the systematic manner in which his routine work was done.


    At 9 o'clock Wednesday morning found the county superintendent at Independence colored school; notwithstanding the cold northers Charley Thomas was present with 40 children.  the work in spelling was very good indeed.


    Miss Cynthia Pettit, (col. of Excelsior, was visited Wednesday evening.  The attendance was small only 15.  The work, especially in language lessons, was very good.


    Miss Maggie Hodges, of Shields Academy, was visited Tuesday afternoon.  The attendance was good and everything working nicely.  Miss Maggie is a hard worker and deserves much credit for the splendid work she is doing.  All of her work was fine, especially the beginner's reading.


    Friday morning was spent with Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Holland, of McClanahan.  The attendance was fairly good, over 50, the work was excellent.  Mrs. Holland's Second reader class has been well taught as any in Texas, especially is she to be complimented on the uniformity of the progress of each pupil.  Any teacher can have a few good pupils in a class, but it requires a careful teaching to have all good ones.  Mr. Holland's first grammar class gave a fine recitation.


    Miss Rosetta Wright is doing some good work at Taylor.  Friday afternoon, the attendance was small, only 15, but Miss Rosetta works only the harder with what she has.  Her advanced class is grammar recited nicely.


    One thing the teachers need their attention called to is the importance of perfect organization.  No school can do its best work in a slip shod manner.  A well organized school is one in which every thing has a place, and remains in that place.  These should be a time for everything and everything should be in its time.  Make out a daily program put where both teacher and pupil can see it, then go strictly by it.  Punctuality and the value of time can be taught in no better way than to be punctual and to save your own time.


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by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.