Typed as spelled and written

by Lena Stone Criswell






Eighteenth Year - Number 58

Marlin, Texas, Wednesday, December 11, 1907




(By A.W.E.)

    N. F. Alsup is teaching his third year in Durango independent school district, and is doing better work than ever.  He knows the people, the school, and the children, and is able to get the very best work done without any room yet visited.


    Poverty Flat is making excelent (sic) progress with Miss Lizzie Woodland. The attendance here is small on account of the large number of transfers to other districts, but Miss Woodland is getting good results from those that do attend.


    One of the rainy, blowing days of the last wet spell found Misses Maggie and Ruby Rouse at Busby hard at work with forty pupils present.  It certainly speaks well for both teachers and pupils at Busby to find them so eager for school that a pouring rain cannot keep them away.


    Crown Point has had a general repairing of their already neat house, put in a new stove and other essentials, and has an excellent school with Miss Faite Knowles in charge.  The geography class has been doing some especially valuable work in molding the various relief forms in clay.  The school has had a house clearing and everything is neat and tidy, while the order and work is excellent.


    Miss Mamie Porter is doing her second year's work at Liberty and is getting better results than ever.  The house has been repaired and put in comfortable condition, and everything is neat and orderly as once could wish.  The written work on the boards of this school is especially commendable.  Liberty is one of the few schools that complies with the law in putting the name and number of the school on the house.


    Mooreville independent district has a most excellent school, with Mr. H. H. Cook for the second time as principal, and Miss La La Fulton as his able assistant.


    No school in the county has an older or more delapidated building than Cottonwood, yet the people have raised it, straightened it up, repaired it, screened the windows and made it very comfortable, while the teacher and pupils have made it the most attractive room in the county.  On the inside tasty pictures, evergreens, and autumn leaves have made the walls beautiful, while soap, water and energy have made the desks and floor outsine any "bran new" furniture.


    Miss Susie Livingston is teaching her second year here, and it is hard to tell who is most interested in the school, she or her pupils.


    The school at Golinda doing successful work with Miss Ethel Powell in charge.  The building has been repaired and made comfortable, and new curtains put over the windows.  The order of the room is especially good.  Miss Ethel is a hard worker and easily gets her pupils to do the same.


    The people at Wedemeyer have their building in good comfort (faded out)condition, and an excellent school (faded out). Miss Holze doing her first work a(-) a teacher.  The room was neat and clea(faded out) and the order and work of the very best.  The thorough and complete manner in which this school is organized and managed would be a credit to a much more experienced teacher than Miss Holze.  The drill on the words in reading were especially fine.


    For the past two years Miss Fannie (faded out) been has been teaching in an old (faded out ) To at Gurley, but the people have (faded out) it a splendid new house that would (faded out) credit to any community, and she and her pupils are very much pleased.  The order and work is unusually good this year, and while they were late starting on account of the house, they are sure to have an excellent school.



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