Submitted by

Robert L. Haddock



Marlin Democrat

January 5, 1918






The Busby school, eleven miles west of Marlin, on the road to Durango and Belfalls, is a three-teacher school with Mrs. Maggie Hailes as principal; Miss Lona Woolley, intermediate teacher, and Miss Sallie Freeman, the primary work.


This district last year voted bonds and remodeled the building, equipping it with all the requirements for state aid, and were granted a sufficient amount for a seven monthís term.


This year the school will be maintained the same length of term without the assistance of the state.


The principal is getting the High School work well organized, and her pupils are doing excellent work, one of whom was granted a teacherís certificate at the last meeting of the board of examiners, but she is continuing her school work and intends going on and securing a still higher certificate.


The intermediate teacher resigned during the holidays and Miss Woolley, a home girl, has been employed by the board to finish the term, and with the co-operation of the patrons and pupils we feel sure she will succeed.


Miss Sallie Freeman, who has charge of the primary room, is a teacher of several years of successful experience in primary work, and it goes without saying that her work will be well done and will be fully appreciated by the people of the community.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Union or White Hall


This is a one-teacher school, three miles west of Busby, and Miss Serene Hamilton is doing her second yearís work here.


She has a band of faithful little workers, and as she takes particular interest in each and every one of her pupils, they all appreciate her efforts and with the experience of last year to guide her, we feel confident that she will achieve still greater success.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Blevins


Blevins school district, twelve miles west of Chilton, extends to the Bell county line, and no district in the county has shown greater progress within the past four years.


Last year the school tax was raised from 15 to 50 cents on the hundred dollarsí valuation without a dissenting vote, and a bond tax was levied and four thousand dollars worth of bonds were issued to build and equip an up-to-date and strictly modern building, which is the pride of not only the pupils and teachers, but of every citizen of the community.


The faculty consists of four teachers, with S. D. Evans as principal; Miss Jettie McInnis and Mrs. Sallie Stewart as intermediate teachers, and Miss Mary Couter Keesee as primary teacher.


The principal has tendered his resignation to take effect at the close of this week and will report to Camp McArthur to render his services to his country.


The trustees and patrons regret very much to lose him, and realize that it will be a difficult matter to fill his place just now; however, we shall do our best to secure a competent principal, and hope the standard of work will be maintained.


Miss McInnis is teaching her first term in the school, but having had former experience in teaching in Mississippi, she is making good, and the patrons are well pleased with her services.


Mrs. Stewart has the third and fourth grade, and having had several years of successful experience, she is securing excellent results.


Miss Keesee is teaching her second term as primary teacher, and the success of last term is being improved upon to such an extent that the board says they would not exchange her for any primary teacher anywhere.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Cego


This school is located eight miles west of Chilton and was formerly called Pleasant Valley. It is one of the garden spots of Falls County, and has one of the best schools in the county.


The building is a modern four-room building with wide hall between, equipped with all up-to-date equipment necessary for state aid, which they have received for the past two years.


The faculty is one of the strongest in the county schools, two of the teachers holding permanent certificates and the other two state first grade certificates.


The faculty consists of Miss Janie Quinn, principal; Miss Nettie Wallace, first assistant; Miss Grace Mullins, intermediate lower grades; and Miss Pauline Peters, primary teacher.


The principal and first assistant do departmental work, and by this method each can do the work which she especially likes.


The Motherís Club in this community renders helpful service to the school, and through their efforts playground apparatus and other equipment has been secured for the school.


The school has a pig, and from his appearance he is not suffering of food, because of the war, as the children donate to him the scraps left from their noon lunches.