Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Thirteenth Year - Number 40
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, December 4, 1902


    Following is the program of the Falls County Teachers' Institute, to be held in Marlin, December 6, 1902.

    I.  11 a.m., Shall we study a text book in our institute this year?--H. E. Nash, Miss Ingram, Wm. J. Green.

    II.  Could Model lessons be made useful to our institute?--D. J. McWilliams, Miss Mildred Frank, J. E. Manney.

    III. Shall our institutes be held at one place or shall we move over the county?--J.C. Kennedy, D. C. Clark, J. F. Alsup, H. O. Stanbury.

    IV. What benefit can I derive from the institute this year?--W. R. Summers, Miss Maggie Hodges, F. P. Davis.

    V.  How can we make our Institute for this year a success?  Free discussion by all members of the Institute.

    VI. Organization.


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