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Wednesday, August 11, 1915


Criminal Docket August 1915


W. E. Lowe, adultery

Mrs. Sallie E. Britain, adultery

Westley Fowler, theft

Jesse Brown, aggravated assault

Slim Fennell, exhibiting gaming devices

Charles Jones, exhibiting gaming devices

Edward Fitzhugh, swindling(2 cases)

John Moore, gaming

Charles Faithful, gaming(3 cases)

Chas. Parker, gaming

Bob Ford, gaming

John Meyers, gaming

Effie Stuart, disorderly house

Wm. Henry, carry pistol

Geo. Tawater, adultery

Silvester Williams, sixshooter

John Williams, sixshooter

John Myers, disturbing the peace

Hearsley Walker, theft

Geo. Tawater, theft

Geo. Nicholson, aggravated assault (2 cases)

Tom Penrice, aggravated assault (2 cases)

J. T. White, carry pistol

Josh Moore, theft

Felix Ludwig, malfeasance in office (4 cases)

Ben Taylor, malfeasance (4 cases)

Louis Randle, theft

J. W. Hart, bet or wager

Joe Mier, bet or wager

J. T. White, pistol

Homer Milkey, brass knucks

Lillie Murphy, disturbing the peace

Chat Walker, disturbing the peace

Garfield Murphy, disturbing the peace

Wayman Henry, theft

R. J. Ward, gaming

O. W. Stone, gaming

Red Nigro, gaming

Ruff Lewis, gaming

Frank Keys, gaming

Tom Bryant, gaming

Guy Williams, gaming

John Henry Taylor, gaming

John Jackson, gaming

Ben Fryers, gaming

Jesse Chism, gaming

Charlie Keys, gaming

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