Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 10
Marlin, Texas,Thursday, May 2, 1907

Entrance Examination to be Held.

       Prof. E. W. Curling, principal of the Marlin high schools, received the following, and will be pleased to hold examinations for all prospective state university students, who should notify him at once:

May 8th, 1907.

To the Principals of Texas High Schools:

       Gentlemen:  We are preparing for the May entrance examination to the university, which begins on the second Wednesday in May.  We hope you will consent, as heretofore, to hold this examination in your city for the benefit of those who may wish to take same.  We feel certain the local press will take pleasure in making mention of this fact that you will conduct these examinations.  Let us know in due time about how many copies of the questions you want, and the subjects.
       We are also asking favor at your hands.  We wish you to ascertain how many of your this year's graduates expect to enter the university of Texas, in order that we may send you the necessary entrance credit blanks for our affiliated schools.  If not asking too much of you, we would be pleased to have the names of these intending students that we may send them our literature, unless such a list has already been sent to Professor Henderson, Visitor of Schools.
       Thanking you for past favors and those now solicited, I am,
                                                         Yours, truly,
                                                          Wilson Williams,


Copyright permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing
by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas