Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 54
Marlin, Texas, Wednesday, November 27, 1907
County Superintendent Visits the
Schools and Takes Notes.
(by A. W. E.)

       The school building at Taylor has been neatly repaired, and made comfortable for this term.  The teacher has a new desk and chair.  They have new buckets and dippers and that very essential thing always needed but seldom seen in the school room, a washpan.  They also have their winter wood all cut, ready for the heater.  Miss Ruth Allen is doiing her first work as a teacher here.  The work is well planned and the children are making fine progress.


       Paul H. Streit is doing his first year's teaching at St. Paul.  The attendance is especially good for the weather, and the order and work excellent.  While Mr. Streit is the youngest male teacher in the county, he is not deficient in either energy or enthusiasm, and is getting excellent results.


       Perry school is progressing very smoothly with miss (sic) Ada Flanniken as teacher.  The order, neatness, and earnest work of this room are especially good.  Everything points to a pleasant and a profitable school for this term.

The Teacher's Institute.

       The programs for the Institute were mailed Saturday.  Teachers failing to receive their copy will please notify the county superintendent.

       Dr. W. S. Sutton of the University of Texas will be present at the institute on Monday, December 16, and will addrss the institute in the afternoon and the people of Marlin and the surrounding country in the evening.  Everybody invited to come out and hear him.

       All friends of education, and especially all school trustees, are invited to attend the county Institute as much as possible.  We feel sure that if the people knew more of the workings of the Institute they would appreciate it more.

       Everybody invited to be present as much as possible.


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