Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 13
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, May 23, 1907
Class '07, Composed of Seven Mem-
bers Whose Ages Average 17
Years, Passes into History
on May 17, 1907.

       The closing exercises of the Marlin high schools were held Friday night at the Arlington opera house in the presence of a large circle of friends and relatives of the graduates.
       Certificates of graduation were awarded to a class of seven, composed of Misses Geraldine Kelly, Alberta Horne Kyser, Annie Cora Thigpen, Francis Carolyn Rogers, Pauline Battle, Ruth Alice Allen and Benjamin H. Rice, Jr.
       The stage was beautifully decorated with palms, ferns and cut flowers, making a fitting back ground for the young ladies in their white gowns while the class colors, blue and yellow, were were (sic) used effectively in decoration around the class circle.
       Seated besides the graduates were Supt. Doughty, Judge B. H. Rice, Revs. M. T. Andrews and O. T. Hotchkiss, Hon. W.W. Hair of Temple.  The subjects of the compositions rendered by the graduating class were well selected and could not fail to interest every hearer.  A special feature of the program was the music.
       Supt. Doughty introduced Hon. Hair who addressed the graduates.  His reputation as an orator is well known and his address on this occasion was fully up to expectation.
       The following program was carried out:
       Invocation--Rev. M. T. Andrews.
       Chorus--Wed(nes)day M M Club.
       Salutatory--Geraldine Kelly.
       Sidney Lanier--Alberta Horne Kyser.
       Foreign Immigration--B. H. Rice, Jr.
       Instrumental Duet--"The Emperor's Dream," (Eilenberg) Pauline Battle and Geraldine Kelly.
       America's Helpless Young--Annie C. Thigpen.
       The Bird That Sings--Frances Carolyn Rogers.
       Vocal Solo--"The Nightingale and the Star,"  Miss Louise Finks.
       Class History--Geraldine Kelly.
       The Remains of the Confederacy--Pauline Battle.
       Vocal Solo--"A Creole Love Song,"  Miss Bernadine Frank.
       Valedictory--"A Study of the Value of Little Things," Ruth Alice Allen.
       Annual Address--Hon. W. W. Hair.
       Presentation of Diplomas--Hon B. H. Rice.
       Benediction--Rev. O. T. Hotchkiss.


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