Typed as spelled and written

by Lena Stone Criswell








Eighteenth Year - Number 60

Marlin, Texas, Wednesday, December 18, 1907







In Annual Session--Officers Elect-

ed--Large Attendance--

Fine Program.


    The Falls County Teachers' Institute convened in Marlin's magnificent public school building at 9 o'clock Monday morning.  There are present 112 teachers, the largest number that has ever attended a meeting of the institute.


    The teachers began to arrive in Marlin Saturday and all day Sunday were arriving.  Every train brought some and others came in by private conveyance.


    When County Superintendent Eddins rapped for order, he faced as fine a looking body of men and women as ever assembled in Falls county--or any other county, for that matter.  They are young men and young women, full of energy, enthusiasm and work.  Next to the parents, form the most important link in the destiny of the children of Falls county, and they are sensible to and sensitive of their great responsibility.


    This is going to be a most successful institute.  There is every warrant for this statement.  The teachers are here fully determined to get all the good they can out of this meeting.  Their program is one of the best ever prepared for a teacher's institute, it is repicte with good things for the teacher, for the parents, and for the pupil.  The school interests of Falls county will receive great and lasting benefit from this meeting.  The teachers will receive new inspiration and new ideas and they will form plans while here that they will put into execution when they take up their work at the beginning of the new year.  Such a meeting cannot fail to prove an uplift of the educational interests of the county.


    In a few well chosen words, Judge W. E. Hunnicutt extended a generous welcome to the teachers on behalf of the school board and citizens of Marlin. The response was by H. H. Cook of Mooreville, who also spoke in a happy vein.


    The first in order was the election of offices.  G. A. Pringle of Rosebud placed in nomination W. I. Goode of Chilton for chairman and E. W. Curling of Marlin placed in nomination H. H. Cook of Mooreville.  Mr. Goode was elected.


    Miss Louise Wells of Rosebud was elected secretary.


    The organization being completed, the teachers took up the program for the day.



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