Typed as spelled and written
- Lena Stone Criswell

Thirty-First Year - Number 12
Marlin, Texas, Friday, May 15, 1931


Marlin High School Musical Organ-
ization Accorded Statewide

       Statewide honors accorded the Marlin High school band and individual members of the local musical organization for their triumphs at Texas band contests in Temple recently took material form this morning when medals were presented to the winners at weekly chapel evercises (sic) in the school auditorium.  Bestowals were made to:
       Marlin High school band -- Cup for first place is Class B division.
       Judge W. S. Hunnicutt--Medal for director of winning band.
       Mary Louise Criswell--Model for first place among drummers of all division.
       Jack Chilton--Medal for first place among cornet players in Class B division.
       F. W. Fink, Jr.--Medal for first place among French horn players in Class B division.
       Condy Nichols--Medal for second honors as cornet soloist in Class B division.
       The medals were presented by Claude Burns of Waco, an official of the Texas Band Teachers Association, who complimented the Marlin band and its individual winners highly on their triumph.
       The band gave a downtown concert this afternoon heralding their benefit show at the Palace theater tonight when they will give a program including the overture with which they won the statewide contest.


Permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing by
The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.