Typed as spelled and written
- Lena Stone Criswell

Thirty-First Year - Number 5
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, May 7, 1931
Member of Band Teachers Association
Judging Committee Coming.

       Medals will be awarded Marlin winners in the recent state wide band contests at Temple by Claude Burns of Waco, a member of the Texas Band Teachers' Association judging committee, at chapel exercises of Marlin High school Friday morning, May 15, states Judges W. S. Hunnicutt of Marlin, director of the high school band.

       The Marlin High school band will receive a cup presented for winning first place among Class B bands of the state.

       Its director Judge Hunnicutt, will receive a medal as the director of the winning band.

       Jack Chilton will receive a medal for winning first place among Class B cornet players while Condy Nichols will receive a medal for capturing second honors in this vent.

       F.W.Fink, Jr. will receive a medal for winning first place among Class B French horn players.

       Miss Mary Louise Criswell will receive the only medal awarded a drum player, this being bestowed for winning first place among drummers of all classes.  In emerging as the best drummer entered in the statewide contests, Miss Criswell scored first honors over Mrs. L. Fulkerson, wife of the leader of the Cumby band, who has had seven years' experience and ranked second; and over the drummers of the Southwestern and Baylor University bands, who ranked third and fourth, respectively.



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