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Lena Stone Criswell

Thirty-Ninth Year - Number 159
Marlin, Texas, Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Published by the Students of the Marlin Public Schools
Vol. 6  Wednesday, November 8, 1939, Number 76
Texas High School
Press Association
Founded 1923
Headquarters Texas State College for Women
Denton, Texas
Seeing Stars

       Jack Owens well deserves being called a "Star", for he has starred in many events during his years as a Marlin High student.
       Jack is one of the leading cornet players in the band, he is a member of the Forensic Club, he has been in the Latin pageant, and has performed creditable in debate and declamations.
       He has been sports editor for the Bulldog for two years and this year was elected assistant editor of the annual.  Jack played baseball two years.  This year he began playing football and has already won, in that field, the admiration of all the students.
       Besides all of his extra curricular activities, Jack is an honor student and is a jolly good fellow as well.

Permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing
by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.