Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Thirteenth Year - Number 6
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, April 03,  1902

Items of Interest to Pupils, Teachers
and Patrons
Sam Houston Society Organized

       The ninth and tenth grade physics class stood an examination on electricity Friday.
       The high school was affiliated with the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Bryan, last week.
       Dr. R. S. Hyer, Regent of Southwestern University, and teacher of physics and chemistry, has consented to deliver an address Thursday evening, May 22nd, the graduating class of the high school.  Dr. Hyer is a gentleman of most pleasing address, unusual culture and education.  He has many friends in Marlin, former students of the school at Georgetown.  We think ourselves very fortunate in securing him to address the class.
       The R. E. L. and Inter Nos for their exercises Friday, had a Latin Vocabulary Match.  The pupils of the eighth grade were on one side, while those of the ninth and tenth grades were on the other.  Everyone was interested in it and all did well.  Those left on eighth grade side were Martin Quaid, Pauline Allen and Curtis McMillon.  Those on the ninth and tenth grade side were Annie Lee Crawford, Lalla Branson, Marion Peyton and Edith Branson.  Some of the pupils gave as many as twenty-five words.
       The tenth grade is preparing to stand an examination in general history.
       The pupils of the high sixth and low seventh grades organized the Sam Houston Literary Society last week.  The following officers were elected.  Lucile Rogers, president; Pauline Battle, vice president; Alberta Kyser, secretary; Lucile Reeves, editor of paper.


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