Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Thirteenth Year - Number 36
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, November 6, 1902

What The Schools Are Doing - At
tendance, Etc.

       Our attendance hasn't been as good as at the first of the year.  A few pupils do the whole room an injustice by coming in late. The Tenth Grade has had five tardies.

       The R E L Society enjoyed a nice meeting last week.  Each member recited a portion of the Vision of Sir Launfel, and the club was delighted with the first copy of their bi-monthly paper, read by Miss Mabel Chambers.  The program was given for the next meeting as follows:
       1.  Quotations from Holmes-Class.
       2.  Life of Holmes--Mamie Andrews.
       3.  Current Events--Boisclair Shelton.
       4.  Humorist--Henrietta Bryden.
       Mr. Jasper Hunnicutt entered school Monday, taking an irregular course.
       We would like to give the suggestion to the city council that our new school building be made mouse proof, for many a moment is spent in watching a playful little mouse.
       The S. L. I. Society of the Seventh Grade is progressing nicely and the members expect to get a great deal of good from it.
       The boys of the Sixth and Seventh grades, have purchased a football.
       Albert Nettles has made the Seventh Grade a present of an unabridged dictionary, that was very much appreciated.
       The Seventh Grade has a new Physiology chart, that is very beneficial to them.
       The First and Second grades have had gravel hauled.  This is a vast improvement.
       The Sixth Grade regrets to report three tardy pupils and live absent ones this week; we hope the day is coming when there will be no tardiness in the grammar grades.  Today, Oct. 31st, closes the second month and the per cent of attendance in this grade is, boys, 95, girls, 97.3; total, 96.2.
       The grade feels much indebted to Mr. Sloan, the janitor, for two very neat shelves which are most useful.
       The "cut glass" (?) vases in the Sixth Grade have been filled with lovely roses and chrysanthemums this week.
       "Working under difficulties" is not to be compared with "working over difficulties" as the Sixth and Seventh grades have been compelled to do this week, while hammer and nail have been in active use just beneath their floor.
       Longfellow's "Footsteps of Angels" has given much pleasure to the reading class this week.


       Miss Frank's room--tardies 3; attendance good.
       Miss Wright's room--tardies 0; attendance good.
       Miss Ingram's room--tardies 1; attendance good.
       Miss Robinson's room--tardies 2; attendance poor; new pupils 2.
       Miss Torbett's room--tardies 6; attendance good.
       MIss Fain's room--tardies 1; attendance good.
       Miss Sellers' room--tardies 10; attendance good.
       Miss Peyton's room--tardies 9; attendance medium.
       Miss Buckingham's room--tardies 4; attendance good.
       Miss Elam's room--tardies 2; attendance good.
       Miss Barclay's room tardies 4; attendance poor.


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