Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 40
Marlin, Texas, Wednesday, October 9, 1907
Receipts and Disbursements For
Marlin Public Schools.

       The annual report of Treasurer T. E. Battle of the Marlin Public schools, shows an interesting exhibit of figures.  The statement makes an excellent showing for the financial condition of the schools and attests to the good management of the board.
       Under the law, the state and county funds are available only for teachers salaries, the local taxes being available for salaries and for other purposes connected with the school expenses.  Therefore, the amount of the state fund is applied entirely to salaries, which exhausts that fund, the remainder due the teachers being paid out of the local tax fund.
       The following is a summary of the report.


                                           State and Co.                                Local
Balance                                $0000.00                                   $3679.08
State Fund                             3665.00
County fund                            1326.43
Local Taxes                                                                           10,048.56
Tuition                                                                                          797.25
Total                                        4991.43                                 14,524.89
Grand Total                         19,516.32


                                                                    State and Co.                       Locals

Teachers                                                        4991.43                           5861.57
Census Taker                                                                                              57.33
Treas. Commission                                                                                  132.97
Repairs, etc.                                                                                              137.92
Insurance                                                                                                    175.10
Apparatus, etc.                                                                                            63.10
Janitor, supplies etc.                                                                               1598.77
Assessing and collecting.                                                                        401.93
Interest                                                                                                            9.90
Total                                                                4991.43                          8,438.59
Bal. on hand Aug 31 '07   (bal hard to read)                                       6,086.30
                                                                        4991.43                        14,524.89
Grand total including
         balance                                                 4991.43                        19,516.32


Copyright permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for
printing by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas