Typed and spelled as written: Kay Cunningham

The Marlin Democrat
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, February 11, 1904
County School Notes
BY A. W. E.}

     Central had in the primary department fourteen, Miss Bertha Stevenson is doing some nice work.  The advanced department with Miss Mattie Cain had present twenty-two.  The order was excellent and the work good.  Miss Ethel Tyson has a very interesting class in music and they are progressing nicely.
     Miss Rosetta Wright is getting on nicely at Woodland; had present twenty four, work excellent.
     Crown Point school is getting on nicely with Miss Sallie Hackett, she had present thirty five, the room was neat and orderly and the recitations splendid.  A very sad accident happened in this school last week which resulted in death of one of the pupils.  (see report elsewhere.--Ed.)
     Miss Myrtle Henderson had present twenty nine, Miss Adelia Skelton is teaching her second term here and is doing splendid work, the order and work of the room was excellent.
     Mr. Chas. Barker had present at Knob twenty-nine, the room was neat and the work good.
     Bell Falls has present forty with Miss Lula Dilworth, the room was neat and orderly.  This school has quite a number of large pupils which speaks well for the people's interest in their school.
     Miss Nellie Moss had present at Friendship thirty.  The pupils work nicely.  This district voted a local tax last year and their interest in school matters is especially good.
     Jenna had present thirty-one, Miss Willie Harwell is doing some nice work here, the order and work of the room was excellent.
     Poverty Flat has a splendid school with Miss Fat?e Knowels as teacher, the room was excellent.


    Viola Butler had present at Salt Branch twenty-four, the recitations in reading, spelling and geography were done very well
     Covington school is doing some good work, Mattie M. Walker is finishing her second term here.  The school and its patrons are commended for the neat room and good condition of the school building.
     M. V. Wilkinson had present at Reagan thirty one, the large number of grown up pupils was noticeable, the room was neat and nicely decorated and the pupils rendered quite a nice program of songs and literary recitations.

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