Typed and spelled as written:
Kay Cunningham

The Marlin Democrat
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, February 25, 1904

(By A. W. E.)

     The new independent district of Lott is getting on nicely in school affairs. The high school had present with Prof. N. Wilson twenty-one. The graduating class consists of Misses Elizabeth Currie, Anna Mae Hailey and Myrtle Williamson.
     Miss Mabel Brale had present in the eighth grade twenty-three.
The fifth and sixth grades had present forty-one. Miss Maggie Hodges is doing splendid work here. the room was neat, the walls nicely decorated, the floor clean and the order excellent.
     Miss Mattie Currie has the fourth and seventh grades, and had present thirty-five. The room was neat and orderly and both pupils and teacher are good workers.
     The second and third grades had present twenty-seven. Miss Clara Brian is doing some nice work.
     Miss Susie Lyons had present in the primary class forty-one. The order here was excellent, the room neat and nicely decorated with pictures, charts and other essentials to a well regulated primary room, The progress of the chart class is excellent.
     The musical department has a large and enthusiastic class presided over by Miss Valverda Jones.


     Eureka is getting on nicely with Mr. J. C. Standefer. He had present thirty.


     Miss Josie Kelley had present at Mettina twenty-one, the room was neat and the pupils are good workers.


     Excelsior had present fifty-one. B. F. Parks is doing his best here. The order of this room is the best of any colored school yet seen. No idleness, whispering or useless moving about was noticed.


     Wm. Banks had present at Grady twenty-one. The pupils were all on time.


     L. V. Calloway had present on a cold, rainy morning thirty-one. The order was very good.

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