Typed as spelled and written
- Lena Stone Criswell

Twice-A-Week        $1.00 The Year
Twenty-Fifth Year  - Number 54
Marlin, Texas, Saturday, September 26, 1914


       The lyceum course opens with the first number of the season, the Chicago Glee Club, Friday evening, October 2.  This is the first number of a series of entertainments of a high class which will be given at the auditorium under the auspices of the public school.  Season tickets are now on sale at a minimum price.
       Notification by telegram has been received today that Miss Carrie Gameson, of the graduation class of 1914, has been awarded the Shirley Green fellowship of the University of Texas.  The fellowship pays $150 annually in monthly installments.  The honor is one of which the high school is proud.  We are confident that Miss Gameson will reflect credit upon the high school which she represents.
       Mrs. Barclay, demonstrator in art for the Practical Drawing Company of Dallas, is here and will give lessons today and tomorrow to the teachers of the elementary school.  She is an expert and will demonstrate to the teachers the most effective way to use the drawing books adopted by teh city board of education.
       The committee on junior athletics and on the primary playground with the help of patrons and friends of the school have already made a good start in providing apparatus for the school grounds.  They have plans about perfected which will secure for the school a handsomely equipped playground where the boys and girls may enjoy themselves and indulge in wholesome exercise outside of school hours.  The town perhaps just now cannot afford an up-to-date Y. M. C. A., but it is
possible for us to equip an outdoor gymnasium which may be a very good substitute for such an institution.


Permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing by
The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.