Typed as spelled and written
- Lena Stone Criswell

Twice-A-Week        $1.00 The Year
Twenty-Fifth Year  - Number 54
Marlin, Texas, Saturday, September 26, 1914


First Number of High School
Lyceum Course Coming Soon

       Friday night, October 2nd, will be the opening date of the High School lyceum course.  The Chicago Glee club is the number for that night, an dit is said to be the best male quartette in America.  All people know that the Dallas News is a very conservative paper, and this is what it says about the Chicago Glee Club:  "The Chicago Glee Club as a quartette is one of the greatest that ever appeared in Dallas, and for blend of tone and harmony, they are nearly pefection."
       The lyceum committee has begun the sale of season tickets and you can help them very much by phoning to any one of them the number of tickets that you want.  We have six numbers on the course and most any two numbers you may select is worth more than we are asking for a season ticket.  Below is the price with and without season tickets:
       The six numbers, without season ticket--Adults, $5.00; high school $3.00; grammer school, $2.50.
       The six numbers with season ticket--Adult, $2.00; high school, $1.25; grammer school, $1.00.
                           M. L. Caldwell,
                           B. B. Harris,
                                          Mamie Bartlett,
                                          Lyceum Committee


Permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing by
The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.