Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

(Missing) Year - Number 52
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, February 27, 1902

       The next meeting of the R. E. L. society will be on Feb. 28.

       The program of the "Inter Nos society for the last meeting was as follows:
       1.  In answer to roll call, the name and date of some battle in which Washington fought.
       2.  Life of George Washington, by Linda Finks.
       3.  Quotations from Washington's Adice (sic) to a favorite nephew, Todd Bryden.
       4.  Recitation "George Washington" Kate Pringle.
       5.  Acrostic Poem "George Washington."  Clio Rice.
       6.  Original story of manners of Life in the Days of Washington. Rosa Clark.
       7.  Debate:--Resolved that Washington was a greater general than Lee.
       Affirmative--Martin Quaid.
       Negative--Jessie Cooke.
       8.  Reading of society paper, Pauline Allen.

       The Seventh Grade Wednesday morning was interested in the dissecting of the eye.

       Miss Ethel Powell, after an absence of three days has returned to school.

       Miss Mebane's room was so full of smoke one morning that she had to move into Mr. Hudson's room.  Some of the other rooms are'nt (sic) much better.

       A hint to wise is sufficient, (Are you sure it is?--Editor)


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