Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Thirteenth Year - Number 35
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, October 30, 1902


       The High School is glad to note the entrance of Miss Susie Livingston, of Mooresville, in the science course.
       A great many of the eight grade pupils went to Waco to the show.
       Tha (sic) English teacher has had more company after school the past week than usual.
       The constitution of the S L. I. society was adopted Friday last. The regular program was postponed indefinitely.
       The Seventh Grade is reading some interesting pieces from Washington Irving and Scott.
       The fines for the S. L. I. are from tent to twenty five cents.
       In last week's issue the attendance was reported as not good which was a mistake, as the attendance was at least 95 per cent.  But during such perfect weather we feel the attendance should be perfect.
       The Sixth Grade has written reviews every week, and the last grades were reported good.  We hope the attendance next week will be perfect.  This grade has competed their geography and has commenced a review.
       We had three absentees on account of Buffalo Bill's show in Waco.
       We hope that our marching and our lines will be better in the future than they have been in the past.
       A girl not long ago was speaking of what excellent books she had read, when asked to name of them, she said "the finest I ever read was Pilgrim's Progress."
       The boys' hands give evidence that the pecan season is here.
       It would be a great improvement to Marlin and her people to have a new school building.
       This grade opend (sic) a library with fifteen books.


       Miss Frank's room--tardies 2; attendance good.
       Miss Wright's room--tardies 1; attendance medium.
       Miss Ingram's room--tardies none; attendance medium.
       Miss Owen's room--tardies none; attendance good.
       Miss Robinson's room--tardies 2; attendance good.
       Miss Torbett's room--tardies 1; attendance good.
       Miss Fain's room--tardies 5; attendance medium; new pupils one.
       Miss Seller's room--tardies 1; attendance good.
       Miss Peyton's room--tardies 7; attendance medium.
       Miss Buckingham's room--tardies none; attendance good, new
             pupils one.
       Miss Elam's room--tardies 1; attendance good.
       Miss Barclay's room--tardies 1; attendance good.
       First Grade progressing rapidly.
       Mr. Smith of Durango, has recently moved to Marlin and entered his children in school.


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