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Kay Cunningham


The Marlin Democrat
Fifteenth Year   Number 8
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, June 30, 1904


     The summer normal for this district began Thursday. The attendance for au opening day is considered excellent and the prospects are that this normal will be one of the best held in the state in point of attendance and in results.
     Teachers are coming in on nearly every train and are assigned to boarding houses by the local faculty.  Most of the teachers find homes in the private families at moderate rates.  Marlin is an ideal place for holding a summer normal and the teachers are not, slow in finding it out The magnificent new school building and the baths are items that make Marlin a most ideal place for summer normals.
     The faculty IS organized is as follows: - W. M. Prendegast of Kosse. conductor. J. M. Henderson of Jewett.  A. W. Eddins and W. A. Holland of Marlin.
     The normal will last about five weeks.

Copyright Permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.