Typed as spelled and written
- Lena Stone Criswell

Marlin, Texas, Wednesday, January 31, 1917


Specialists From National
Bureau of Education
Are Here For Work.

       Falls county's education survey is under way.  It started Monday.
       Work is being conducted under the supervision and personal direction of three specialists from the United States bureau of education at Washington, of which Dr. P. P. Claxton is commissioner.  They are Dr. John C. Muerman, specialist in education; C. H. Lane, agricultural specialist, and Miss Edith Lathrop, specialist in primary work, all of Washington, D.C.
       Following their arrival in Marlin Sunday, Miss Lathrop left Monday morning for Reagan, where she will commence the survey of the primary work in the school at that place.
       Escorted by G. A. Pringle, county superintendent, Messrs. Muerman and Lane left Marlin Monday morning for points west of the Brazos river in Falls county, where they spent the day inspecting "one-teacher" schools.
       Independent districts of the county will be included in the survey. Definite assurance of such was given Monday to Superintendents McWillaims of Lott, Woodley of Rosebud and Peek of Reagan, who came here for the express purpose of inducing the educational specialists to visit their schools.
       The specialists have their work outlined to a "T."  A general draft
of their plans is already known to readers of The Democrat.  One feature of these is the announcement that public meetings will be held at night throughout the county, where school patrons will be urged to come and hear suggestions for the improvement of their institutions.
       "We expect to derive great benefits from the survey," said Dr. L. P. Robertson, president of the county board, Monday morning followin(g)
brief conference with the special(ists).  Dr. Robertson was very active (missing)curing this inspection work f(or the) county.
       Walker county is the only other in Texas besides Falls county that is receiving this service from the national bureau.  W. F. Doughty, state superintendent of public instruction, and former superintendent of Marlin schools, was largely instrumental in having this county included.
       The salaries of the specialists are borne by the government, although their expenses while working in Falls county will be provided by the various district which they inspect and the county.


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