Typed and spelled as written:
Kay Cunningham


The Marlin Democrat
Fifteenth Year   Number 8
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, June 2, 1904


     When Mr. and Mrs. Fountain, whose names are the synonym for youthful gaiety and fun, invited the teachers to spend an evening in their home everybody knew what to expect. But the realization exceeded even the anticipation. The house, brilliant with lights and beautiful with flowers was thrown open to the guests who took possession from parlor to kitchen. Every shred of faculty dignity was cast to the wind and fun reigned supreme.
     Old-fashioned games were played, and the rest while dignified teachers and guests were required to do all sorts of ridiculous things at the bidding of the seller of forfeits. It was almost midnight before Mrs. Fountain could get quiet restored sufficient for the serving or delicious cream, sherbet and cake. And it was far into "the wee, sma' hours" when the merry crowd said goodnight to their host and hostess. Those who were lucky enough to be numbered among the teachers for this occasion were Rev. and Mrs. Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Kyser, Mrs. O. E. Curry. Miss Pet Boyles, and Miss Ruth Evans of Waco.


Copyright Permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.