Typed and spelled as written: Kay Cunningham

The Marlin Democrat
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, January 21, 1904

City Teachers' Program

    The following is the program of Marlin city teachers institute for February 6, 1904:
    General subject, "Education in the Seventeenth Century":
    Finelon -- His Early Life and Education. -- Miss Ziveley.
    How Finelon Became a Teacher -- Miss Peyton.
    Finelon and the Jansenists. -- Miss Sellers.
    Finelon's Education of Girls. -- Miss Lancaster.
    Madame De Lambert. -- Miss Baker.
    Bossuit and Finelon. -- Miss Torbett.
    Analytical summary of lesson. -- Mr. Holland.
    The institute will meet promptly at 9 o'clock a. m., Friday afternoon in the superintendent's office.
    The school trustees, patrons and all who are interested in the cause of education are cordially invited.

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