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Lena Stone Criswell

Thirteenth Year - Number 27
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, September 4, 1902
The Session of 1902-3 Begins Aus-
Names and Grades of Teachers.

       The Marlin City Schools opened Monday morning under favorable conditions for the 1902-3 session.
       The attendance for the opening was good and the teachers bear evidence that they will take hold of the work with a rested and renewed energy.
       A great deal has been accomplished for the schools of Marlin within the past year or two and that under very unfavorable conditions, the inadequacy of the school buildings being one of the principal drawbacks.  However, even under these conditions, the public schools of Marlin are forging ahead and it will be only a question of time until we can boast of a system second to no other town of the size in the state.
       The session just opened, it is believed, will put the schools a long way in the forward direction.
       The teachers of the white and colored schools, both of which opened today are as follows:


       C. P. Hudson, superintendant, Latin and Physics.
       Miss Millie Frank, Latin and mathematics.
       Miss Lillian Barclay, English and history.
       Miss Belle Ingram, Seventh Grade.
       Miss Ruth Evans, Sixth Grade.
       Miss Maude Robinson, Fifth and Sixth Grades.
       Miss Drushia Torbett, Fourth and Fifth Grades.
       Miss Ada Sellers, Fourth and Fifth Grades.
       Miss Clara Fain, Third and Fourth Grades.
       Miss Agnes Peyton, Third Grade.
       Miss Clara Buckingham, Second Grade.
       Miss Una Elam, First and Second Grades.
       Miss Juliette Wright, First Grade.


       Jessie Washington, principal, Misses E. L. Hall, D. P. Gerald and
M. D. Adams, assistants.


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