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This page is a part of the Falls County, TXGenWeb project and all of the information here is FREE for you to use.
If you are being charged to view or use any of this information, please contact Falls County Coordinator


The TXGenWeb Falls County Website Copyright

There seems to be some confusion and concerns about the USGenWeb County sites being copyrighted. Our hopes are to make the purpose and necessity clear in everyone's mind.

First let me say that it is recommended by the USGenWeb that each county website copyright their site. This information can be found at: The US Project Info For Volunteers - County Page Guidelines/Standards  toward the bottom of the page.

Second let me say that it is regrettable that we feel the need to have to copyright the pages format of what we intend to be free material. It is in our endeavor to keep the material free that we have the need for the copyright. Numerous sites have taken liberties of "stealing" our material and charging unsuspecting researchers for what we have put online to be free. Then there are those who are even more brazen and charge monthly fees for links to genealogy material.....and many of those links go directly to GenWeb sites. The copyright on the GenWeb sites are strictly to protect our sites from the unwanted bandits who attempt to profit from our free materials.

It is also important that you understand that it is not the actual material that we are copyrighting....but the format in which we present the material. The information itself is for the public to freely have use of.....just not to reproduce in the same format we present it; not to charge anyone for the use of our site or material. THE ORGINAL AUTHOR DOES NOT LOSE ANY RIGHTS AS THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER.

So in other words, if you submit anything to post on the Falls County Web Site, YOU are still the owner of that material, whether it be a picture or other written material. We are just trying to keep the "pay for" sites from charging anyone for this material.

This website is free and shall remain free.  All records, original documents, photos, and resources and research notes, etc., remain the property of the submitter and will not be sold. They also can not be reproduced in any form on any other website without written consent from their owner who is also the original submitter.

I strongly believe in FREE material to help you out with your search. Everything on the Falls County, Texas Web Site was very kindly submitted or transcribed for your FREE use, all by VOLUNTEERS.

For a better understanding of the actual copyright laws, please read the GenWeb guidelines.