Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 11
Marlin, Texas,Thursday, May 9, 1907


To The Democrat:
       As the ground is wet and dark clouds shut out the sun's rays we farmers have more time to discuss the question.  We want some one that knows to tell us what will the officials term "full valuation."  We have some land here on the Ridge that will, under favorable conditions, make 30 to 50 bushels of corn or oats per acre, and then, other years we make comparatively nothing.  Cotton, the king, makes all the way from nothing to a bale per acre, owing to the weather conditions.
       We were under the impression last summer that Gov. Campbell favored exempting homesteads from taxation and now he approves a raise of $4,000 per year in the governor's salary.  We are not prepared to say, but we presume that he and Capt. Bill are working for a gneral salary raise.  So far as the writer knows the people in this community are willing to pay the tax that is already imposed on them, but he does not believe they will be willing to pay doubte the same sum for identically the same thing.  We believe there are lots of good men within the borders of this state that would be pleased to take the governor's seat for the handsome salary of $4,000 per year.  We get our argument from the campaign of scarcely a year ago.
       The writer does not claim to be otherwise than ignorant on the question.  I merely ask for information on this subject, not that I have the slightest ill feeling for any of the state officials, but I just want to know, why not round up the tax dodgers and let the good people alone?
       We understand that a Mr. Spaulding collected, or tried to (c)ollect, the delinquent taxes last year for which he received $400.
       Another question, what do we elect and pay a county collector for?  Some one please answer through the columns of the Democrat.
                                                               C. T. Stevenson,
                                                                     Reagan, Texas.


Copyright permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing
by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas