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The Ladonia Historical Preservation Society
Castle Hall Bassette Lodge No. 81
Knights of Pythias Lodge in Ladonia
Chartered March 28, 1888

Please note that the article says he has the Minute book of the Lodge in his possession.

21 Charter Members were:
B.S. Johnson, J.W. Nail, George Henderson, E.L. Crouch, J.B. Bartley, W.R. Williams,
R.L. Daniel, J.M. Scott, W.G. Nunn, J.A. Jackson, T.A. Newman, D.F. Eagleton, S.M.Burnett,
D.P. Henry, G.W. Cleek,R.F. Lockett, H.A. Weil, G.W. Donalson, S.C. Relyea, J.E. Oglesby, 
Hyman Crossman.

W.G. Nunn headed the lodge.
Members joining later:
H.L. White, George W. Read, W.A. Mequire, G.W. Absher, W.J. Owens, G.W. Rogers, T.E. Kilgore,
W.M. cole, J.E. Eastman, S.D. Miller, Dr.C.R. Lesnett, Dr. A.B.Cox, John G. Blakeney, D.W. Odell, 
S.J. Carmack, Dr. S.B. Neilson, J.L. Moore, J.T. Babb, E.D. Baldwin, R.A. Gilliam, D.E. Waggoner, 
F. W. Bridges, S.D. Harle, J.D. Fraley, C.T. Jackson, R.H. Long, T.v. Richards, R.P. Bell,
C.A. Hancock, John Barnes, W.E. Weldon, Dr. J.G. Davis, S.A. Shields, A.L. Walker and 
T.A. Walker.


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