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Family Photos' and a Request for help.

Worrell, Lilly dau. of A.J.& H.E. b & d 14 Sep.1897-15 Oct.1897
is no doubt the daughter of Andrew Jackson Worrell (1864-1947) and his first
wife Henrietta Worrell from Perry County Alabama.  A.J. was the son of
Wesley J. Worrell 1811 and Samantha Moon (Smith)
These "mystery photos" were taken in Honey Grove which I now believe
to be photos of members of Andrew Jackson Worrell's family taken while they
were living in Honey Grove.  Andrew Jackson and Henrietta then moved on to
Stamford, Jones County TX where his wife Henrietta died in 1913 and he died
in 1947.
These photos appear to have been taken at three different studios although
they may have been same studio that changed hands or something.
Photo 1 (lcecil01) has written in pencil on the back what looks like
"Luellie, Cecile, Worrell"

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Please help identify these people,
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& Also: Nannette W. Serra <>

Seabie & Lallie

Forget Me Not

Nannette W. Serra -Aug 2004
 (re: SL.gif) The Seabie and Louella mystery has been solved.   Seabie and
Lallie (I said I couldn't read the writing and had identified her as Louella) were the daughters of Andrew Jackson WORRELL, the half brother of my grandfather Daniel and son of Wesley J. WORRELL and Samantha SMITH (also known as Samantha MOON.)   Seabie was born on 2 Feb 1901 in Stamford, Jones County, TX and died there in Dec 1989.   She was apparently married to Albert Napoleon REED abt 1922.   Her sister Lallie was born about 1900 in Jones County TX.  Lallie married Elijah Curtis Tidwell.   Apparently there were 6 or 7 children in the family. The only ones I know of are Velma born abt 1889 and an infant Lilly born in 1897 who is buried in Fannin County TX. 
     Thanks to all the people on the internet who helped me with this and for all the census reports and messageboards on the internet.   For once my ability to jump to quick conclusions seems to have paid off. Perhaps we can make more connections now that we know who these girls were.
My site,  should anyone wish to view
the other photos.
The photo of the child in the christening dress on the Fannin County page has written on the back Lallie, Cecile, Worrell.  I don't know if this means the child is the daughter and her name is Lallie Cecile Worrell or if this is a child who might have been Lallie's child.  Andrew Jackson WORRELL'S death certificate says he did not go to Jones County until 1906 so I suspect that both Seabie and Lallie were born in Honey Groves though Seabie's SS info says she was born in Jones County. We know that A.J. and Henrietta
WORRELL buried the infant Lilly in the Allens Point Cemetery in 1897.

* This baby has been identified! She is Lallie Cecile WORRELL. She was called Lallie Faye

The photo of the couple in the middle may have been a photo of Andrew Jackson WORRELL and Henrietta or it may have been a photo of one of their children ... someone suggested on the child's wedding day. 
Andrew Jackson WORRELL would have married Mrs. Henrietta WORRELL circa 1893 and that his second wife was Bettie Mae
TYSON.  Bettie and "Jack" were married about 1915 and may have been married in Haskell County TX and living in Haskell County Texas in 1939.
The last photo of the man alone is still a mystery but I am pretty sure he is also
connected with the Andrew Jackson WORRELL family.  I now know that they
lived in Fannin County longer than I at first suspected.  At first I thought they only passed through Fannin County, buried Lilly and move on.  It seems now that they were in Fannin County probably from at least 1889 to 1906.

In Apr of 2004 I received this note:

I have a picture like the middle picture.  It has no name but it was among my mother's pictures. and I presumed some of her family.   Do you think they are Worrell's.??   The out side picture looks like another one I have.    There is a gentleman in Philadelpia, Miss. that has some more of the Worrell pictures. I haven't tried to find him yet. But he is a grandson of  James (Jim) Worrell.   Who was my father's oldest brother.   My email address if you would care to email me. 

Aug 2004 I received this --
I too have a copy of the middle picture of the couple, which I took to be a wedding photo. Strange....even the ragged edge is the same! Unfortunately there is no name on this photograph. It was in my ggrandmother's possession. Born in Virginia, she grew up in Bonham. She was Lillie Virginia Felty and married Asa James LuAllen who also was from Bonham. Other names associated with Lillie Felty and Asa James LuAllen are James and Mary Clark, their children Ellen and Betthie, and the McDowell family.
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