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Foard County CSA Pension Applications

Foard County Pension Applications on File

Allison, John 11446 Claimant: Allison, John Pension Number: 11446 County: Foard Ashford, Eva rej Claimant: Ashford, Eva Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Husband: James Pension Number: 20678 Ashford, James 20678 Claimant: Ashford, James Pension Number: 20678 County: Foard Batchelor, Rispy Ann 23024 Claimant: Batchelor, Rispy Ann Pension Number: 23024 County: Foard Husband: Hilliard Austin Pension Number: Bennett, E. C. (Mrs) rej Claimant: Bennett, E. C. (Mrs) Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Husband: Abner Hill Pension Number: 22143 Bomar, Josie 23493 Claimant: Bomar, Josie Pension Number: 23493 County: Foard Husband: Reuben Clark Pension Number: Bond, Miles 40623 Claimant: Bond, Miles Pension Number: 40623 County: Foard Bond, Rebecca W. 46393 Claimant: Bond, Rebecca W. Pension Number: 46393 County: Foard Husband: Miles Pension Number: 40623 Campbell, William Blanton (Mrs) 41849 Claimant: Campbell, William Blanton (Mrs) Pension Number: 41849 County: Foard Husband: William Blanton Pension Number: 16870 Carpenter, Elizabeth 26809 Claimant: Carpenter, Elizabeth Pension Number: 26809 County: Foard Husband: Benjamin Artemas Pension Number: Cheek, J. W. rej Claimant: Cheek, J. W. Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Cheek, John W. 19910 Claimant: Cheek, John W. Pension Number: 19910 County: Foard Cogdell, Nancy Jane 21694 Claimant: Cogdell, Nancy Jane Pension Number: 21694 County: Foard Husband: William Henry Pension Number: Collins, Jessie O. rej Claimant: Collins, Jessie O. Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Husband: Thomas Luman Pension Number: 19578 Collins, Thomas Luman 19578 Claimant: Collins, Thomas Luman Pension Number: 19578 County: Foard Cowan, Eliza rej Claimant: Cowan, Eliza Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Husband: William Wallace Pension Number: Davis, J. B. rej Claimant: Davis, J. B. Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Elliott, Dan 28063 Claimant: Elliott, Dan Pension Number: 28063 County: Foard Fergeson, Amanda Clementine 39306 Claimant: Fergeson, Amanda Clementine Pension Number: 39306 County: Foard Husband: Frank G. Pension Number: 24668 Fergeson, Frank G. 24668 Claimant: Fergeson, Frank G. Pension Number: 24668 County: Foard Gallup, George W. 24065 Claimant: Gallup, George W. Pension Number: 24065 County: Foard Graham, J. W. rej Claimant: Graham, J. W. Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Grigg, F. W. 24697 Claimant: Grigg, F. W. Pension Number: 24697 County: Foard Hart, Stephen C. rej Claimant: Hart, Stephen C. Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Henderson, H. T. 15155 Claimant: Henderson, H. T. Pension Number: 15155 County: Foard Hudson, Z. T. rej Claimant: Hudson, Z. T. Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Johnson, James W. 09216 Claimant: Johnson, James W. Pension Number: 09216 County: Foard Johnson, Serena A. 32001 Claimant: Johnson, Serena A. Pension Number: 32001 County: Foard Husband: James W. Pension Number: 09216 Jones, George Montgomery (Mrs) 40678 Claimant: Jones, George Montgomery (Mrs) Pension Number: 40678 County: Foard Husband: George Montgomery (meredith) Pension Number: 24232 Kirkman, Elisha Thomas 01485 Claimant: Kirkman, Elisha Thomas Pension Number: 01485 County: Foard Kirkman, Elizabeth Arreta 38426 Claimant: Kirkman, Elizabeth Arreta Pension Number: 38426 County: Foard Husband: Elisha Thomas Pension Number: 01485 Langley, Iantha Elizabeth 46107 Claimant: Langley, Iantha Elizabeth Pension Number: 46107 County: Foard Husband: James Knox Polk Pension Number: Lawrence, L. H. 21870 Claimant: Lawrence, L. H. Pension Number: 21870 County: Foard Lefeure, Martha J. 18952 Claimant: Lefeure, Martha J. Pension Number: 18952 County: Foard Husband: Cornelius Augustus Pension Number: Marr, Allen 45621 Claimant: Marr, Allen Pension Number: 45621 County: Foard Mccollough, J. J. 29638 Claimant: Mccollough, J. J. Pension Number: 29638 County: Foard Mccurdy, Mollie 25035 Claimant: Mccurdy, Mollie Pension Number: 25035 County: Foard Husband: R. L. Pension Number: Mclarty, George G. 20432 Claimant: Mclarty, George G. Pension Number: 20432 County: Foard Murphy, S. J. (Mrs) 25111 Claimant: Murphy, S. J. (Mrs) Pension Number: 25111 County: Foard Husband: Jasper Newton Pension Number: Neely, Rhoda Francis 49724 Claimant: Neely, Rhoda Francis Pension Number: 49724 County: Foard Husband: Isaac Robert Pension Number: Parsons, G. L. 20714 Claimant: Parsons, G. L. Pension Number: 20714 County: Foard Pool, Rebecca C. 20139 Claimant: Pool, Rebecca C. Pension Number: 20139 County: Foard Husband: John Laban Pension Number: Powell, A. P. 24240 Claimant: Powell, A. P. Pension Number: 24240 County: Foard Power, W. J. 20504 Claimant: Power, W. J. Pension Number: 20504 County: Foard Presley, E. J. (Mrs) 28128 Claimant: Presley, E. J. (Mrs) Pension Number: 28128 County: Foard Husband: William Harrison Pension Number: Purcell, Addie M. 28105 Claimant: Purcell, Addie M. Pension Number: 28105 County: Foard Husband: Daniel Sullivan Pension Number: Robertson, John W. T. 20289 Claimant: Robertson, John W. T. Pension Number: 20289 County: Foard Robertson, M. J. (Mrs) 22053 Claimant: Robertson, M. J. (Mrs) Pension Number: 22053 County: Foard Husband: Tal (addison) Pension Number: Sears, Louisa Jane 32696 Claimant: Sears, Louisa Jane Pension Number: 32696 County: Foard Husband: Wyeth Chappell Pension Number: 22084 Sears, Wyeth Chappell 22084 Claimant: Sears, Wyeth Chappell Pension Number: 22084 County: Foard Teague, John 06503 Claimant: Teague, John Pension Number: 06503 County: Foard Teague, Mary 10082 Claimant: Teague, Mary Pension Number: 10082 County: Foard Husband: John Pension Number: 06503 Thompson, Margaret E. 43773 Claimant: Thompson, Margaret E. Pension Number: 43773 County: Foard Husband: George Washington Pension Number: Thomson, Hadley 12361 Claimant: Thomson, Hadley Pension Number: 12361 County: Foard Thomson, J. W. F. 11215 Claimant: Thomson, J. W. F. Pension Number: 11215 County: Foard Thomson, Melissa 13808 Claimant: Thomson, Melissa Pension Number: 13808 County: Foard Husband: J. W. F. Pension Number: 11215 Traweek, Martha Jane 49534 Claimant: Traweek, Martha Jane Pension Number: 49534 County: Foard Husband: John Henley Pension Number: Vernon, John Joseph 23413 Claimant: Vernon, John Joseph Pension Number: 23413 County: Foard Wheeler, Jacob Ansil Wright 01486 Claimant: Wheeler, Jacob Ansil Wright Pension Number: 01486 County: Foard Wheeler, W. A. 15156 Claimant: Wheeler, W. A. Pension Number: 15156 County: Foard White, William Augustus 12839 Claimant: White, William Augustus Pension Number: 12839 County: Foard Wilcox, Mark (Mrs) 40227 Claimant: Wilcox, Mark (Mrs) Pension Number: 40227 County: Foard Husband: Mark Pension Number: Williams, J. I. rej Claimant: Williams, J. I. Pension Number: Application Rejected County: Foard Williams, T. A. F. 10081 Claimant: Williams, T. A. F. Pension Number: 10081 County: Foard Witherspoon, James G. 36234 Claimant: Witherspoon, James G. Pension Number: 36234 County: Foard Womack, Martha K. 49556 Claimant: Womack, Martha K. Pension Number: 49556 County: Foard Husband: R. P. Pension Number: 36631 Womack, R. P. 36631 Claimant: Womack, R. P. Pension Number: 36631 County: Foard Woods, Sallie Elizabeth 34118 Claimant: Woods, Sallie Elizabeth Pension Number: 34118 County: Foard Husband: Samuel Orville Pension Number: Wynn, Elizabeth 13807 Claimant: Wynn, Elizabeth Pension Number: 13807 County: Foard Husband: George T. Pension Number:

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