History of Fort Bend County
containing biographical sketches of
many noted characters
By: A. J. Sowell
Published Houston, Texas.
W.H.; Coyle & Co., stationers and printers,

Transcribed by: Mary Ann Hetrick
October 02, 2007

Land Titles Issued


John Rabb, one league patented July 8th, 1824.
David Randon, one-half league, patented December 5th, 1832.
David Randon and Isaac Pennington, one league, patented August 3rd, 1824.
John Randon one league, patented August 19th, 1824.
Elijah Roark, one league, patented July 10th, 1824.
Andrew Roberts, one league patented May 11th, 1827.
Noel F. Roberts, one and one-fourth league, patented July 15th, 1824.
Edward Robertson, one league, patented March 31st, 1828.
Joseph San Pierre, one labor, patented August 24th, 1824.
Chas. D. Sayre, one league, patented May 4th 1831.
Henry Scott, one league, patented April 8th, 1831.
James Scott one league, patented August 7th, 1824.
David Shelby, one league, patented July 24th, 1824.
J. Frazier, one league, patented July 24th, 1824.
J. McCormick, one league, patented July 24th, 1824.
Moses Shipman, one league, patented July 19th 1824.
Lancelot Smithers, one-fourth league, 382,000 square varas, patented, April 4th, 1831.
Nancy Spencer, one league, patented August 14th 1824.
William Stafford, one and one-fourth league, patented August 16th, 1824.
Chas. B. Stewart, one-fourth league, patented May 17th, 1831.
Jesse Vance, one-fourth league, patented June 4th, 1827.
Thomas Westall, one league, patented July 19th 1824.
Ed. P. Whiltehead, one-fourth league, patented October 7th, 1835.
Asa Wickson, one-fourth league, patented April 23rd, 1831.
Barnabas Wickson, one league patented April 4th, 1831.

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