Fort Bend County: World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Texas, 1946

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Transcribed by: Mary Ann Hetrick
September 2, 2007
From images at: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
WWII Army Casualties: Texas

From the War Department Report June 1946
The long number following the name is the selective service number, rank, type of casualty.

KIA=killed in action
DOW=died of wounds
DOI=died of injuries
DNB=died non-battle
FOD=finding of death

FORT BEND2550213054

Last NameFirst NameSerial NumberRankListed
AbrahskiEddie J8073630PFCKIA
AndelFrank G38543694PFCKIA
BerkmanArthur J38416929PFCKIA
BrdeckVince J18186703S SCFOD
BrennerHerman M38051069PFCDOW
BurwellEdwin D0-6596582 LtFOD
Cardenas Roseno38057866PFCKIA
CarrilloManuel P38244453PFCDOW
ChabisekJoe B 34670223PFCDOW
ElolfGeroge 6272502CPLDNB
GadashkEman N38246519PVTDNB
GerkenFredrick J38073625PVTDNB
GossWarren B18191317SGTKIA
HaynesG A38058307PVTDNB
HernandezValente P38413928PFCDNB
HillEarl C0-6721041 LTKIA
JohnsonLevy S0-006496COLDNB
KadlecekAlven J38239579S SGFOD
HazochIven E38092249PVTDNB
Mc AlisterGary R38244609PVTKIA
MillerDeroy L0-6663341 LTKIA
MillerJohn L.38540124PVTKIA
NutinaJohn L.38052429PVTDNB
NarvezArcatdio R38408098TEC5KIA
NettArchie L38415924TEC5DNB
OrsakAlfons J38150171PFCKIA
PadonThomas NT-000121FL 0DNB
PfuhlCharlie W38032860SGTDOW
PresaMarcellino G3805389TEC4DOW
ReynoldsJohn H39053101PFCKIA
RoeheMilburn H38160239PVTKIA
RoperTheodore H0-7133372 LTKIA
SbruschLouis J30244454PVTDNB
SchuelkeAlfred C38953101PFCKIA
ScruggsHoward B18942279DNB
SimpsonHenry J38080034SGTKIA
SmithDouglas E G Jr.0-9020782 LtDNB
SotoAlifonso C39057862PVTDNB
StachDavid L6288130T SCDNB
StachPaul J0-409775MAJKIA
StavinohaArnold B38206673SGTKIA
SutherlandW W Jr.18190973SGTKIA
VoightWeldon R38244489PFCKIA
YoungPrintis R38204605PVTDNB
ZavodnyClement C6299287PVTKIA

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