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This cemetery list for Frio County is by no means complete, particularly when it comes to small family cemeteries. If you have additional information or additional sites that you can contribute, please forward to Clarissa Loyd

Links will take you to abstracts and photos.  Most are listed in the USGS Geographic Names Information System where you can follow links to topo maps (enter Texas for state, select cemetery for feature type, enter Frio for county).

Feature Name   Latitude Longitude   USGS Map or Location  
Brummett Cemetery 290416N 0984844W Bigfoot
Buckhorn Cemetery 284832N 0990137W Pearsall North
Covey Chapel Cemetery 283929N 0991940W Woodward NE
Derby Cemetery 284521N 0990636W Pearsall South
Dilley Cemetery A-K  L-Z 284025N 0991116W Dilley
Frio County      
Frio Town Cemetery 290057N 0991834W Frio Town
Hugo Cemetery 284113N 0991459W Dilley
Longview Cemetery 290344N 0985332W Ghost Hill
Mexican Cemetery . . .
Miguel Cemetery 285528N 0985038W Schattel
Moore Cemetery 290320N 0985956W Ghost Hill
Moore Catholic Cemetery     Moore
Moore Memorial Cemetery 290337N 0990032W Moore
Pearsall Cemetery A-B  C-F
G-K  L-O  P-S 
285324N 0990452W Pearsall North
Pearsall Catholic Cemetery
A-H  I-R 
Sand Hollow Cemetery      
St. Mary's Cemetery      
Tehuacana Cemetery 290519N 0990713W Moore
Unknown Cemetery, Dilley     Dilley
Veterans Cemetery      

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