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Dated July 1874

Contribution by Joanne Clinton Truman

Following is the text of a letter written by my great grandfather, John Randolph Clinton. John Randolph married my gr. g.m. Mary Ann Thompson in Frio Co. on Jan 31, 1876. He was also a minister for the Church of Christ in Frio Co. In his later years, he moved to Jourdanton, Atascosa Co. where he died in 1936:

Following is the text of a letter written by John Randolph Clinton to his brother, Thomas Zachariah, in July 1874. The letter is noted: Letter from Uncle Jack Clinton to my father. Daughter Maude Clinton Terry Owens. The return address is Mossy Creek, TN.


"Brother Tom, I write you a few lines to let you know that I am well at this present time hoping that you are all well. Tom I am traveling with a show. I left Philadelphia the 8th day of April, started with a show from Cleveland the 27th of April and now I am here. Tom, crops look good here. It has been very dry in this state up until yesterday. It rained a good rain here. Last night it rained so hard that we could not show and us performers was awful glad. I don't know brother when I will be home for we expect to travel all winter down south. But I think I will come home some time this winter. I have been away so long that I only think of it once in a great while. I expect there has been a great change since I left there. I am almost afraid to hear from you all for fear some of you are dead. I have written some letters home before this and never got answers but I hope I will get an answer to this. I got pretty badly hurt about a week ago in attempting to do a triple summersalt. I turned 2 1/2 times and lit on my head and shoulders and you bet it did not feel very funny and you bet I don't try three again. Well Tom give my love to all. Tell Meg and Jim I will write them when I find out where they are. I wrote to them twice and got no answer. I come to the conclusion they have moved off. I want you to write as soon as you get this. If you don't I won't get the letter. Tell me all the news, don't forget it and all about Billy. Kiss all the brats for me if their faces are clean. Give my respects to Haty and her folks. Tell Grabaughs I am close to where they used to live on the Chuckky River.-------Jack Clinton, Direct to Jack Clinton in care of Goldenburgs Colossal Aggregation, Athens, Tenn."


I have a photo copy of the original letter, given to me by the great grand daughter of Thomas Zachariah Clinton. The Maggie mentioned in this letter is the sister of John Randolph and Thomas Zachariah and Jim is her husband Jame R. Goodwin who were also residents of Frio County by 1880.