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If you are able to look up information in books, cemeteries or church records for researchers that don't have access to them, I'd like to add you to this list of contacts.  It would be only as your time allows and you would be a real asset to the TXGenWeb for Frio County.  If you can help, please e-mail TXGenWeb Coordinator for Frio County, Margaret Meyer Simpson.

  Farris, Frances Bramletter, From Rattlesnakes to Road Agents, Rough Times on the Frio
     For limited lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
  Hunter, J. Marvin, The Trail Drivers of Texas.  

(excerpts from the index:  Bennet, 275; Big Foot, 815; Cude 214-218, 627-633; Franks, 275; Frio County, 115, 121, 134, 162, 256. 261, 275, 322, 388, 495. 518, 529, 541. 608, 610, 627, 676, 687, 696, 767, 769, 785, 786, 815, 914, 916, 987; Frio Town, 608, 681, 682, 767; McMahon, 679; Pearsall, 121, 398, 527, 627, 696, 821, 824, 915. 916, 1020; Speed, 416-417, 541; Winters, 627, 1034). For lookups contact:  Margaret Simpson.

  Santleben, August. A Texas Pioneer 
     For limited lookups contact: Margaret Simpson.
  Sowell, A.J., Early Settlers and Indian Fighters of Southwest Texas

Chapter Titles are: Atascosa County, Early Settlers of; Adams, James M.; Boales, J.A.; Berry, Mrs. Hannah; Burrell, Joseph; Brucks, Judge Bernhard; Binnion, Mrs. M.A.; Briggs, Rev. E.A.; Bowles, Doke; Brucks, Henry; Bramlett, W.M.; Battles with Indians; Bowie's Old Fort; Buckalew, Frank, Captured by Indians; Buckalew, Berry C.; Battle Between Rangers and Indians; Beardy Hall Killed by Indians; Burney, R.H.; Castro, Henry; Conrads, Joseph; Castro's Diary, Part I; Castro's Diary, Part II; Castro's Diary, Part III; Carr, James C. (Buckskin); Castroville Founded; Charobiny, Rudolph; Canon de Uvalde; Click, M.C.; Clark, Amasa; Calahan's Expedition; Cox Family as Indian Fighters; Captured an Indian; Carr, Col. J.C.; Colonel Carr's Courtship in Arkansaw; Camp Verde; Colwell, Capt. Neal; Davenport, A.J.; Dove Creek Fight; Davenport, Aunt Mary; Davenport, L.C.; Desperate Run for Life; Disastrous Battle With Indians in Kerr County; Death of Capt. Phillip Dimmitt; Early History of Guadalupe County; English, Ed; Etter Family; Frontier Tragedy; Fight Between Rangers and Indians; Fiftieth Anniversary of the D'Hanis Setttlement; First Settlement of D'Hanis; Forty Immigrants from Darmstadt; Fenley, J.D.; Four of the Dowdy Family Killed; Fight Between Settlers and Indians; Frontier Incidents; Family History; Haby, Nichalus; Huffman, Jack; Highsmith, Ben F.; Haller, Louis; Hays, Capt. Jack; Huehner, Herrman; Haby, Jacob; Hicks, F.L.; Hunter, Judge James M.; Harman, Henry; Incidents of Frontier Life; Incident of Ranger Life; Indian Fight in Sabinal Canyon; Incident of Victoria's Raid; Jones, Mrs. Mahala; Joe Wilton Killed by Indians; Jarvis, Charles G.; Jack, Hardy, Captured by Indians; James, Rev. A.L.; Kinchaloe, Mrs. Sarah J. Kennedy, Mrs. R.D.; Kelly, Mrs. Nancy; Killed an Indian; Kennedy, Ross; Lawhon, Jesse, Killed by Indians; Last Raid in Frio Canyon; Lowe, Judge M.F.; Leakey, John; Miller, Jack; Mann, John L; Massacre of Peddlers and Battle of El Blanco; Moore, Lon; Maney, Judge Henry; Metzgar, Capt. Fred; Nowlin, Dr. James C. Old Settlers; Old Settlers of D'Hanis; Outlaw, Y.P.; Patterson, John W.; Putnam Children Captured by Indians; Peters, Charles; Rothe, August; Reinhart, John; Richarz, Capt. H.J.; Rees, Capt. Alonzo; Rogers, Capt. John H.; Saathoff, M.; Shane, Henry; Smth, Seco; Siege and Fall of the Alamo (Poetry); Sevier, Col. T.F.; Scull, Mrs. Amanda; Tinsley, F.G.; Thompson, Gideon; Tom, Capt. John; Trailing Indians; Taylor, Ed.; Taylor, Creed; Trailing Indians; Theodore the Shepherd Killed by Indians; The Lost Valley Fight; Van Pelt, Capt, Malcolm; Van Pelt, Joe; Voght, Paul; Ware, Richard M.; Winters, Capt. James W.; Wallace, Big Foot; Wilson, John E.; Watson, Robert; Weynand, Herbert; Westfall, Ed.; Winters, James, Killed by Indians; Witt, Mrs. C.A.; Wanz, Xavier; Wernette, J.B. and Watkins and Richardson Killed by Indians.  For lookups, contact Margaret Simpson

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