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  Farris, Frances Bramletter, From Rattlesnakes to Road Agents, Rough Times on the Frio
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 Hunter, J. Marvin, The Trail Drivers of Texas.  

(excerpts from the index:  Bennet, 275; Big Foot, 815; Cude 214-218, 627-633; Franks, 275; Frio County, 115, 121, 134, 162, 256. 261, 275, 322, 388, 495. 518, 529, 541. 608, 610, 627, 676, 687, 696, 767, 769, 785, 786, 815, 914, 916, 987; Frio Town, 608, 681, 682, 767; McMahon, 679; Pearsall, 121, 398, 527, 627, 696, 821, 824, 915. 916, 1020; Speed, 416-417, 541; Winters, 627, 1034). For lookups contact:  Margaret Simpson.

 Santleben, August. A Texas Pioneer 
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 Sowell, A.J., Early Settlers and Indian Fighters of Southwest Texas

Chapter Titles are: Atascosa County, Early Settlers of; Adams, James M.; Boales, J.A.; Berry, Mrs. Hannah; Burrell, Joseph; Brucks, Judge Bernhard; Binnion, Mrs. M.A.; Briggs, Rev. E.A.; Bowles, Doke; Brucks, Henry; Bramlett, W.M.; Battles with Indians; Bowie's Old Fort; Buckalew, Frank, Captured by Indians; Buckalew, Berry C.; Battle Between Rangers and Indians; Beardy Hall Killed by Indians; Burney, R.H.; Castro, Henry; Conrads, Joseph; Castro's Diary, Part I; Castro's Diary, Part II; Castro's Diary, Part III; Carr, James C. (Buckskin); Castroville Founded; Charobiny, Rudolph; Canon de Uvalde; Click, M.C.; Clark, Amasa; Calahan's Expedition; Cox Family as Indian Fighters; Captured an Indian; Carr, Col. J.C.; Colonel Carr's Courtship in Arkansaw; Camp Verde; Colwell, Capt. Neal; Davenport, A.J.; Dove Creek Fight; Davenport, Aunt Mary; Davenport, L.C.; Desperate Run for Life; Disastrous Battle With Indians in Kerr County; Death of Capt. Phillip Dimmitt; Early History of Guadalupe County; English, Ed; Etter Family; Frontier Tragedy; Fight Between Rangers and Indians; Fiftieth Anniversary of the D'Hanis Setttlement; First Settlement of D'Hanis; Forty Immigrants from Darmstadt; Fenley, J.D.; Four of the Dowdy Family Killed; Fight Between Settlers and Indians; Frontier Incidents; Family History; Haby, Nichalus; Huffman, Jack; Highsmith, Ben F.; Haller, Louis; Hays, Capt. Jack; Huehner, Herrman; Haby, Jacob; Hicks, F.L.; Hunter, Judge James M.; Harman, Henry; Incidents of Frontier Life; Incident of Ranger Life; Indian Fight in Sabinal Canyon; Incident of Victoria's Raid; Jones, Mrs. Mahala; Joe Wilton Killed by Indians; Jarvis, Charles G.; Jack, Hardy, Captured by Indians; James, Rev. A.L.; Kinchaloe, Mrs. Sarah J. Kennedy, Mrs. R.D.; Kelly, Mrs. Nancy; Killed an Indian; Kennedy, Ross; Lawhon, Jesse, Killed by Indians; Last Raid in Frio Canyon; Lowe, Judge M.F.; Leakey, John; Miller, Jack; Mann, John L; Massacre of Peddlers and Battle of El Blanco; Moore, Lon; Maney, Judge Henry; Metzgar, Capt. Fred; Nowlin, Dr. James C. Old Settlers; Old Settlers of D'Hanis; Outlaw, Y.P.; Patterson, John W.; Putnam Children Captured by Indians; Peters, Charles; Rothe, August; Reinhart, John; Richarz, Capt. H.J.; Rees, Capt. Alonzo; Rogers, Capt. John H.; Saathoff, M.; Shane, Henry; Smth, Seco; Siege and Fall of the Alamo (Poetry); Sevier, Col. T.F.; Scull, Mrs. Amanda; Tinsley, F.G.; Thompson, Gideon; Tom, Capt. John; Trailing Indians; Taylor, Ed.; Taylor, Creed; Trailing Indians; Theodore the Shepherd Killed by Indians; The Lost Valley Fight; Van Pelt, Capt, Malcolm; Van Pelt, Joe; Voght, Paul; Ware, Richard M.; Winters, Capt. James W.; Wallace, Big Foot; Wilson, John E.; Watson, Robert; Weynand, Herbert; Westfall, Ed.; Winters, James, Killed by Indians; Witt, Mrs. C.A.; Wanz, Xavier; Wernette, J.B. and Watkins and Richardson Killed by Indians.