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(1) old time Frio County communities and historical areas,         

(2) old time ancestral family photos -- share your family photos with all our Frio County Web Site visitors, plus, you may be providing an unknown relative with a glimpse of their family past, and

(3) old time homestead photos. By this I mean the farm, ranch, home, etc., where your ancestors lived or worked.

If your willing to share part of your family history please contact Frio County TXGenWeb Coordinator.


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Communities & Landmarks

 Old Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church - Pearsall, TX - Circa 1930
 Pearsall Little Hotel and and Firestone Store - Circa 1930-1940
 Frio County Court House before the third floor was removed in 1938. This photo was copied from a "post card."
 Frio County Court House as it currently looks.
 Pearsall Peanut Monument
 Old Pearsall Jail as it currently looks. This building also houses the Pearsall Chamber of Commerce operation.
 1895 Frio County Map
 Old Frio City Jail. Built in 1872, it is said that some of the more famous occupants of this jail were: Sam Bass, Jesse & Frank James, and O'Henry (William  Sydney Porter).
 Bigfoot Church
 Bigfoot Tree
 The attached picture was supposedly taken in Dilley, but I'm not sure when. My grandfather is the man between the fourth and fifth woman from the right. His name was Lawrence Frances Merl. I have been told that he was once the Mayor of Pearsall and his wife Florence Merl was the publisher and editor of the Dilley Harold. I have also found that my other grandfather owned 126 acres of land in Frio country in 1910. S. W. Williams.
 The attached photo taken in the late 1800's or early 1900's is either the old drug store or possibly the general store in Moore, Texas. Contributed by Cindy Allen.  If anyone knows the occupants in the picture or anything about it, please contact her.

Ancestral - Families

Cowboys of the Past - Tafolla, Vinton, Mancha Contribution by Joe Tafolla

Tafolla Family & Others Picture taken in San Antonio - Circa 1887. Contribution by Joe Tafolla

Tafolla Family Reunion - 1940 Contribution by Joe Tafolla

Winters Boys Photos & Family Information

Taylor Family - 1960, at the Old Taylor Ranch, Frio Town, TX

Ben and Minerva Slaughter
 Photo of Crecensio Vinton of Pearsall, TX submitted by Lucinda Robinson.  This is my grandfather Crecensio Vinton. He is the son of Edmund Kirb Crecensio Vinton. Grandson of Jacob Brown Vinton, G. Grandson of Gen David Hammond Vinton, G.G. grandson of Gen. Jacob Jennings Brown.
 This is a picture of my father's and mother's class picture, Dilly HS Class of 1927.  The names were recalled by my mother and I hope they are all correct. The gentleman at the far left is not identified. Top Row: Floy Stevens, Jewel King, Celia Ellis. Middle Row: O. D. Burnet. Jewel Mathews, Ruth Merl, Vivian Carroll. Bottom Row: Lynn Newsome, Hazel Baker, Thellma Jacobs, Lonnie Williams. Ruth Merl and Lonnie Williams later married and are my parents. The color in the ladies dresses is interesting for that time. Contribution by Larry Williams, Concordia, MO.
 Patricio Tamez's Market, Pearsall, TX, Circa 1930.  Contribution by Ralph Tamez of Boise, Idaho
 School Photo ca. 1920 John, I have attached a picture that we just scanned. The picture has suffered some damage along the way, but still identifiable. I believe the picture originally was my grandmother's (Nettie Abigail Jones Shoemake), so I think it could be a Big Foot school photo. I think two of the boys on the front row are Shoemakes, but otherwise can't identify anyone. The picture would have been taken in the early 1920's. I would like to have it posted to the Frio County site to see if someone can identify it. Thanks, Ann Bowman
 Jones, Winters, Whitley, and Reynolds   Willis Morgan Jones, b. 4/4/1897, d. 3/21/1959 Buried in Old Alice Cemetery, Alice, TX, on the right is Johnnie D. Winters, b. 1911? d.????. Behind Willis is Katy Whitley, and behind Johnnie is Mary Reynolds. This picture was taken in Bigfoot, TX. Contribution by Cindy Wager
 Jones Family   Willis Morgan Jones and his children Dorothy Mae Jones, b. 01/22/1927, d. 10/25/1999, and on the right is Willis Maureen "Billie" Jones, b. 06/26/1930, d. 12/08/1977. Contribution by: Cindy Wager
 Alvin Alonzo Silvey, born April 24, 1878 in Campbell County, Ga., died Sept 1, 1930 and believed to be buried in Devine, TX. Lived most of his life in Frio County, TX on a Ranch. (Contribution by Paul Silvey)
 Laxton Winters, 84 years old in 2000, sits in the Bigfoot Museum. He is the last surviving member of the Winters family, which was among the largest in Bigfoot, TX
 Frio School Families Circa 1910 Contribution by Daphne
 Frio Children Circa 1910 Contribution by Daphne
 Sam Barlow Family. Contribution by Barbara Finney
 Duncan Edward Ross & Ruby Katherine Eaton Ross Family November 1943  Duncan Sr. -Ruby Katherine-Charles L and Duncan E. Jr. all inter at Longview Cemetery Frio County Texas

 Frances Marie (Fannie) McMahon, born July 30, 1858, died February 4, 1921, daughter of A.C. McMahon & Sarah Jane Riggan, married Samuel Jefferson Tilley.  Contributed by Margaret Meyer Simpson

Homesteads (Farm, Ranch, Homes)

 Bennett Homestead - Pearsall, TX. Photo taken in 1951.   Contribution by: Henry Prather
J acal located on unknown Frio County Ranch c. 1890s. Jacales housed the working ranch hands known as "Peones."