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Do you have a "genealogy" home page that has a Frio County connection? If so, submit your home page URL address to the County Coordinator via e-mail and I'll post it to this site.

Tillman Berry Genealogy (1818 - 1868)  (Frio County & other locales)
Descendants of James Galbreath  (Frio County & other locales)
Tafolla and Juan DeTafoya Altamirano Genealogy (Frio County & other locales)
Grammer & Geyer Genealogy (mostly Frio, Atascosa, & Medina Counties)
Stewart Family Genealogy (mostly Dilley,TX)
Millett Genealogy (3rd & 4th generations) (Frio & LaSalle Counties, TX)
Ancestors of Delbert Leo Forrest (mostly Atascosa & Frio Counties)
James Gray Little  (Frio County & other locales)
Robert & Nora Black's South Texas Genealogy
Treviņo Paiz-Ramirez South Texas Genealogy (Frio, Nueces, and Bexar Counties)
Yarbrough & Allied Families Genealogy (Frio, Atascosa, Dimmit, LaSalle, McMullen, Medina, Uvalde & others)
John & Maryann Hawley's Genealogy
Davidson & Long Descendants (Frio, Atascosa & Medina Counties)
John Weir Genealogy (Frio, Bexar, Bastrop & Fayette Counties)
Alaniz - Treviņo Genealogy Home Page (Frio, Atascosa and Bexar Counties)
Owings Genealogy (Frio County)
Wolfe Genealogy (Frio County)
Culpepper Family History (Frio County)
Strait Genealogy (Pearsall & other locales)
The Vinton Family Home Page (Frio County & other locales)
Rick Trevino Genealogy Page (Frio & Medina) (Frio County to Alexandria, VA)
Pigford Genealogy (info search) (Frio County, TX)  
Alsatian Roots & More (Medina & Frio Counties)

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