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The following named individuals were on the Frio County 1887 tax rolls. Those who have no property indicated next to their names had other taxable commodities such as businesses, live stock, etc.  I tried to copy the names off the microfilm as annotated, however, there were times when I could not quite distinguish what was annotated so I placed a question mark next to the name in question. Since these are tax records I suspect there is more accuracy here as compared to a census. Nevertheless, please be open minded about the possibility of spelling errors. (John Hawley)

This listing was made by John Hawley in 1999.

Name Property
Adams, A.D. 160 acres
Adams, J.O. 160 acres
Adams, Mrs. J.A. 160 acres
Adcock, R.H. 160 acres
Adcock, W.E.  
Allee, A.Y. 11780 acres - also owned 9 lots and 52 blocks in Pearsall
Allen, Jno.  
Alston, H.F.  
Anderson, Alford  
Applewhite, Thos. B. 1995 acres
Armstrong, J.M. 100 acres
Armstrong, Sam C. 640 acres
Armstrong, Wm. 4380 acres
Arnold, Dan 2242 acres
Austin, A. G.  
Austin, A.W. 160 acres
Ayer, Wm  
Bandy, Jas. E. 333 acres
Banks, Henry 1535 acres
Banks, Jno.  
Barnes, Samuel 32 acres
Barnett, Mrs. P. C. 160 acres plus 23 lots in Moore
Barrett, S.E. 154 acres
Barton, W.F. 960 acres
Beaver, I. Applewhite  
Beck, Jas. S.  
Bell, L.F.  
Bennett, A.C. 2067 acres
Bennett, Dick 7 lots and 75 blocks in Pearsall
Bennett, H.  
Bennett, J.F. 36 acres
Bennett, Jno. 2948 acres
Bennett, Wm. 17 lots and 17 blocks in Pearsall
Berry, Jno.  
Berry, Mrs. R.C. & .J.E. 2047 acres
Berry, Thos. 1770 acres
Biakley, Geo W.  
Biediyer, Aug. 30 acres
Bivins, Jno F. 2911 acres
Blachaller, J.H. 9156 acres
Blalook, S.H. 204 acres
Boenigh, C.  
Boerum, S.P. (??)  
Bowman, L.F.  
Boyd, Alex E.  
Boyd, J.R. 640 acres plus 14 lots & 70 block in Pearsall
Boyd, J.R. & M.V. 40 acres
Brady, W.H. 480 acres
Bramlett, M.H. 1120 acres
Braun, J.G. 1280 acres
Bridges, J.M.  
Briggs, Geo. A.  
Brown, L.P.  
Brown, Saml. 160 acres
Brown, W.H.  
Brummett, Mrs. K. 160 acres
Buchorn ??, J.E.  
Buchorn ??, J.W. Jr. 50 acres
Buchorn ??, J.W. Sr. 160 acres
Burden, J.L. 1325 acres
Burke, Jno. J. 248 acres plus 10 lots and 3 block in Pearsall & Moore
Burns, Mrs. E. H. 160 acres
Burr, W.C. 30 acres plus 4 lots in Moore
Burrows, Mrs. V.L.  
Bush, Jno F. 160 acres
Byrd, A. 889 acres
Byrd, L.O.C.  
Cabell, Frank 320 acres
Calk, B.  
Calk, Geo. W.  
Calk, Thos. C. 160 acres
Cannon, Amos ?? 4661 acres
Carter, Joseph 160 acres
Carter & Bivens, 7 lots and 31 blocks in Pearsall
Cavender, Thos. J. 957 acres
Chalmers, Thos.  
Clark, A.D.  
Clifton, D.S.  
Clinton, J.R. 100 acres
Coats, Mrs. A.E. 1/2 of 10 blocks in Pearsall
Cochran, J.S.  
Cole, L.P.  
Coleman, F.G. 160 acres
Coleman, R.B. & W. 640 acres
Coleman, R.B. Sr. 491 acres plus 6 lots and 5 blocks in Pearsall
Collins, C.A.  
Congdon, E.W. 4 acres plus 13 lots and 16 blocks in Pearsall
Connelly, Jas. 160 acres
Conover, B.H. 160 acres
Cook, F.V. 19 lots and 8 blocks in Pearsall
Cook, James 160 acres
Cooley, L.P.  
Cooper, H.J. 2132 acres
Coopwood, Thos.  
Coopwood, W.C. Jr.  
Cora, Santiago 160 acres
Couser, J.H. 160 acres
Couser, R.L.  
Cox, C.W. 650 acres plus 29 lots and 70 blocks in Pearsall
Cox, J.F. 10 lots and 14 blocks
Cox, Mrs. L. & Jas. 160 acres
Crain, P.M. 200 acres
Crawford, Jno. W. 572 acres
Crawford, W.L. 10929 acres
Crook, W 80 acres
Crosley, S.W.  
Cross, J.W. 160 acres
Cross, Mrs. Cretia 1/2 of 5 lots and 17 blocks in Pearsall
Cross, W.B. 17 lots and 1 block in Moore
Cross, W.L. 480 acres
Crouch, B.S. 29611 acres
Crouch, C.L. 160 acres
Crouch, Jno. W. 5 acres
Crouch & Gilman,  
Crow, Jas.  
Crush ??, Mrs. Frances 160 acres
Cude, B.W.  
Cude, Jas. W.  
Cude, Jno. M 173 acres
Cude, N.W. Jr.  
Cude, N.W. Sr. 320 acres
Cummings, R.E.  
Cunningham, W.B. 640 acres
Cupples, Henry  
Curtis, A.L. 160 acres
Curtis, Green 320 acres
Dales, Mrs. A.C. & J.W.  
Danner, J.G. 60 acres
Daugherty, Geo. Lillie & Sallie
Daugherty, Julia Est.?? 5 acres plus 13 lots and 53 blocks in Pearsall
Daugherty, Sylvester  
Daugherty, W.C.  
Davie??, S.F. 6 acres
Davis, J.J. 22 acres plus 15 lots and 16 blocks Pearsall
Dawdy, Mrs. Rebbeca  
Dawdy, W.A. 190 acres
Dawson, J.J. 96 acres
Delaney, Richard 960 acres
DeVilbiss, Jno. W. 1 lot and 28 blocks in Pearsall
DeVilbiss, Mrs. M.L. 9 lots and 28 blocks in Pearsall
DeVilbiss, Thos. A. 4819 acres
Diggs, D. Emmett  
Donaldson, T.A. 1469 acres
Dorsey, Jas. & W.A. 1 lot and 18 blocks
Dow, J.M. 80 acres
Driscoll, Wm. 147 acres
Duncan, Ben 880 acres plus 7 lots in Moore
Dunlap, R. 640 acres
Dunmore, Jno. 160 acres
Dunnegan, Geo W. 1280 acres
Earnest, Ed W. 7 lots and 41 blocks in Pearsall
Echols, A. 160 acres
Echols, J.P.  
Edgar, W.J.D.  
Edwards, C.G. 160 acres
Edwards, C.H. 640 acres
Edwards, Jno.  
Edwards, L.J.W. 2532 acres
Edwards, S.J. 160 acres
Eldridge, Jas  
English, J.H. 53 acres
Ensinosa Ranch Asgn., 3612 acres
Erskine, Jefferson & Russell 5325 acres
Fellman, Jno. 44 acres plus 7 lots and 3+ blocks in Pearsall
Fennel, Mrs. M.E.  
Fennell, G.W.  
Fennell, P.H.  
Fennell, T.L. & H.H.  
Ferguson, D.W. 156 acres
Ferries, Jas. 2520 acres
Field, S.S. 240 acres
Fink, E. 1 lot and 6 blocks in Pearsall
Fitzgerald, Thos. E.E. 160 acres
Flores, Roman  
Floyd, Henry  
Fox, Jno.  
Fox, Michael 640 acres
Franks, M.W.  
Franks, Mrs. M.A. & Sons 160 acres
Gallagher, Edward 1195 acres
Galloway, S.B.C. 334 acres
Gardner, J.W. 320 acres
Gibbs, Jas. T. 1/2 of 15 blocks in Pearsall
Goslin, J.W. 160 acres
Green, L.J.  
Grumbles, Mrs. Mary  
Halsel, Mrs. M.L. 1063 acres
Hardeman, W.B.  
Hardy, C.T. 400 acres
Harkness, J.C.B. 3200 acres
Harkness, R.M. 13074 acres
Harrill, W.D. 155 acres
Harris, A.V. 20 lots and 27 blocks in Pearsall
Harris, Jno. A.  
Harris, M.D.  
Harris, W.D. 160 acres
Haynes, W.W. 682 acres plus 13 lots and 19 blocks in Pearsall
Hendley, B.P.  
Hendrick, B.C.  
Henson, G.W. 320 acres
Henson, W.T.  
Herrara, Ambrose  
Hester, Jno. R.  
Heyden, A.G.  
Hickey, Joseph  
Hickman, C.A. 3 lots and 53 blocks in Pearsall
Hill, E.C.  
Hill, Jno. L. 5 lots 1/4 of 77 blocks and 13 blocks in Pearsall
Hill, R.W. 160 acres
Hindes, G.F. 2969 acres
House, Mrs. Justine 160 acres
Houston, Haywood  
Hudson, R.W. 21 lots and 40 blocks in Pearsall
Hugo, O.G. 9857 acres
Hunter, C.T. 1/4 of 78 lots in Pearsall
James, J.W. & W.T.  
Jennings, Mrs. A.A. Est  
Jennings, R.C.  
Jennings, W.R. Jr.  
Johnson, F.J. 10 acres
Johnson, H.C.  
Johnson, L.E. 2219 acres plus 1/4 of 64 blocks in Pearsall
Johnson, L.W. 2400 acres
Johnson, Mrs. T.J. & ??? 69 blocks in Pearsall and 12 lots in Frio Town
Johnson, Quill?? 682 acres
Jones, Aaron 213 acres
Jones, E.P. 640 acres
Jones, J.L. Est. 480 acres
Jones, Olivia 320 acres
Jones, Wilson  
Jorden, Wm.  
Kaettler??, V.C. 320 acres
Kaufman, R.M. 160 acres
Kelley, W.E.  
Ken, J.F. 3 acres
Kercheville, R.W. 160 acres
Kerr, J.N.  
Kerr, Mrs. Mary H.  
King, J.R. Jr.  
King, J.R. Sr. 126 acres
King, T.A.  
Knight, G.P.  
Langford, M.H. 386 acres
Laurence, Jno. 160 acres
Lawler, J.J. 650 acres
Lawson, H.T.  
Laxson, H.N. 640 acres
Leach, T.V. 160 acres
Lee, J.R. 640 acres
Lee, W.W. 160 acres
Lilley, G.C.  
Lindhol, Jno. 160 acres
Little, Bryce 2 acres
Little, C.N.  
Little, D.B. & Jno. 640 acres
Little, Daniel  
Little, J.C.  
Little, J.G.  
Little, J.G. & Son 207 acres
Little, Jno. J. 1 acre
Little, R.W.  
Little, S.A.  
Little, Wm.  
Littleton, E.B.  
Littleton, E.M.  
Lockhart, C.R.  
Long, J.N. 17 lots and 32 blocks in Pearsall
Long, Jas. E. 796 acres
Long, R.Y. 46 lots plus 250 blocks in Pearsall
Long, T.A. 800 acres
Loxton, Joe H. 640 acres
Loyless, H.J.  
Lytle & McDaniel, 36843 acres
Madison, Wash. 640 acres
Maley, C.H.  
Malone, I.S. 1/4 of 76 blocks in pearsall
Malone, J.E. 10 acres
Malone, R.J. 5 acres
Malone, WL. 160 acres
Mancha, Josa  
Maney, Earnest  
Maney, Henry Sr. 3 lots and 78 blocks in Pearsall
Maney, Jno. H. 6 acres
Maney, Mason  
Mansfield, M.M.  
Marion, Joe 640 acres
Marr, L.P. 35 lots and 161 blocks in Pearsall
Martinas, R ?? 160 acres
Martinaz, Josa  
Massey, E.  
Maxwell, H.A.  
McAllister, Jno. H.  
McBee, W.N. 1.5 acres
McClendon, C.N. 61 acres
McClendon, Mrs. A.E.  
McDavitt, Jas. 150 acres
McDonald, C.E. 13 lots and 5 blocks in Pearsall
McKinney, J.B. 640 acres
McMinn, E.A.  
McNeal, J.S.  
McNeal, Mrs. E.S.  
McPhail, Mrs. J.A. 8 lots and 34 blocks in Pearsall
Meeks, J.W.  
Meeks, T.B. 80 acres
Melms, Theo. 4560 acres plus several lots & blocks in Frio Town and Pearsall
Mercer, E.G. 7 lots and 5 blocks in Pearsall
Mercer, H.A. 11 lots and 27 blocks in Pearsall
Merriwether, Joe & Allis  
Merriwether, W.T. 21 acres
Miller, H.L. 43 acres
Miller, Jno. W.  
Miller, T.L. 480 acres
Moore, P.F. 160 acres
Mooreland, S.S. 240 acres
Morgan, S.C. 160 acres
Mudd, E.A. 21 acres
Mudd, Mrs. M.E. 1476 acres
Murett??, Joe  
Murray, J.M. 160 acres
Musgrove, C.O. 320 acres
Musgrove, M.S.  
Nackols??, Sam 32 acres
Navarro, Ed  
Neal, S.H.  
Neatherlin, F.W.  
Neatherlin, Mrs. E.J. 640 acres
Neatherlin & Long??,  
Nelson, Mrs. L.E. 11 lots and 2 blocks in Moore
Nelson, W.F.  
Newsom, B.F. 1440 acres
Newton, Welborne 640 acres
Nipps??, A.M. 40 acres
Nolan, F.M. 1685 acres
Obets, August 2103 acres
Obets, Charles 486 acres
Obets, Emil 60 acres
Obrian, A.L.  
Oden, Mrs. Mahala  
Oden, S.H.  
Outlaw, Y.P. 167 acres
Owings, Geo D.  
Owings, Mrs. E. 160 acres
Owings, Mrs. Mary J. 21 acres
Park, Wm.  
Parker, J.  
Parks, David 917 acres
Payne, J.C. & Ira  
Pearsall Mill Company, 2 acres
Pearson, Robt. 160 acres
Pearson, T.  
Peel, H.H.  
Pigford, Jacob  
Pigford, Mrs. Mary 160 acres
Pledger, Jno. W. several blocks in Pearsall
Powell, Miss R.L. 1 acre
Pranglin, Jane A. & Jno. L. 37 acres
Price, Carl & Dan T. Jr. 2 acres
Price, Dan T. Sr. several lots and blocks in Pearsall
Pruitt, M.L. & D.A.  
Ratcliff, S.H. 160 acres
Reagan, E. V.  
Reager, Geo. 2 acres
Reager & Weir,  
Redmond, S.W.  
Reed, Richard 160 acres
Reep, M.D. 1280 acres
Reep & Avent,  
Reynolds, G.W. 160 acres
Reynolds, James 160 acres
Rice, J.F. 152 acres
Rice, T.J.  
Rickie, B.N.  
Ricks, G. 152 acres
Ricks, Jno. B. 160 acres
Ricks, Wm. 160 acres
Ridgeway, G.M. 320 acres
Ridgeway, S.H. 80 acres
Ritchie, H.E. 80 acres
Roberson, B.F. 1/2 of 66 blocks in Pearsall
Roberts, J.E. 4906 acres
Roberts, W.A.  
Robins, Eugene 160 acres
Robins, G.A. 160 acres
Rodrigues, Pedro  
Rogers, J.H. 160 acres
Rogers, T.H. 8 acres
Ross, James 160 acres
Rowell, Jno. S. 3 lots and 31 blocks in Pearsall
Rowland, I. Huff  
Rowland, W. H. 20 acres plus 26 lots and 29 blocks in Pearsall
Rummell, Fred  
Rummell, Mrs. C. 5 acres
Rutledge, E.B. 2549 acres
Sackville, Wm. 8217 acres
Sadler, G.W. 160 acres
Sadler, Jake  
Sadler, W.A  
Sadler, W.D. 160 acres
Saldano, Miguel  
Sanchez, Demitio?? 1 acre
Sanders, A.D. 9 lots and 5 blocks in Pearsall
Sanders, Geo. W. 5 acres plus several lots and blocks in Pearsall
Sanders, J.M.  
Sanders, T.A. 4 lots and 20 blocks in Pearsall
Sansom, T.L. Jr. 160 acres
Sansom, T.L. Sr.  
Saunders, Frank  
Schelper, August 3 lots and 18 blocks in Pearsall
Schelper, Henry 6 lots and 20 blocks
Schott, J.L. 320 acres
Schull, J.B.  
Schull, J.B.  
Schull, R.N. 160 acres
Schull, R.N. 160 acres
Scoggins, J.R.  
Scott, Mrs. S.E. 9 lots and 34 blocks in Pearsall
Scovill, U.S. 1931 acres plus several lots and blocks in Pearsall
Scovill, Victor several lots and blocks in Pearsall
Shannon, J.T.  
Sidwell, G.W. 124 acres
Sidwell, Mrs. S.M. 160 acres
Sims, W.F. 1/4 of 4 blocks in Pearsall
Sinks, M.B. 160 acres
Slaughter, J.F.  
Slaughter, J.W. 160 acres
Slaughter, Mrs Benj.
Slaughter, W.J. 41143 acres
Sloss, L.L. 20 acres
Smith, B.F. 5 acres
Smith, O.C. 160 acres
Smith, R.W. 640 acres
Smith, T.C. Sr. 792 acres
Smith, W.H.  
Speed, Jas. 5600 acres plus several lots & blocks in Pearsall
Speed, S.G. 10378 acres
Stacy, Mrs. R.K. 1/4 of 66 blocks in Pearsall
Stafford. G.W.,  
Starr, Jno. 160 acres
Stewart, I.A. 15 lots and 28 lots in Pearsall
Stewart, J.P. 55 acres
Stewart, W.L. 160 acres
Sullivan, T. Young  
Sullivan, Thos. 1/4 of 67 blocks in Pearsall
Summers, I.N. 1/4 of 67 blocks in Pearsall
Sweeney, Mrs. Will E.?? 471 acres
Taes ??, Dolores 160 acres
Taes ??, Sam c. 1 acre
Tait, R.F.  
Tatum, J.F.  
Taylor, Jno. 160 acres
Taylor, Joe several lots and blocks in Pearsall
Taylor, L.L.  
Taylor, M.  
Thomas, C.A.  
Thomas, C.A.  
Thomas, C.A.  
Thomas, Jno. S. 160 acres
Thomas, S.W. 333 acres
Thomas, W.W. 160 acres
Thompson, Cris  
Thompson, J.C. 411 acres and several lots and blocks in Moore
Thompson, J.J.  
Thompson, Maria 1 acre
Thompson, Minnie F. 160 acres
Thurber, A.E. 105 acres plus 9 lots and 40 blocks in Pearsall
Thurber, Ed 132 acres
Toalson, Mrs. M.A. 60 acres
Tollett, Alf  
Tomerlin, Geo. W. 3 acres plus ??? in Moore
Trent, J.W.  
Tuggle, L. several lots in Pearsall
Tuggle, Mrs. Addie  
Tully, Mrs. Anna & W.R. 12 lots and 5 blocks in Pearsall
Tumlinson, R.L. 160 acres
Tuttle, Sidney 4827 acres
Twiford, Mrs. Mary several blocks in Pearsall
Tyler, J.H. 320 acres
Tyner, J.J. 320 acres plus several lots and blocks in Pearsall
Vacher & Bro., several lots and blocks in Moore & Derby
VanCleave, A. 480 acres
Vesper, T.B. 1.5 acres
Vickers, Mrs. S.E. property in Frio Town
Vickers, S.P.  
Vining, Chas. O.  
Walker, B.F. 157 acres
Walker, J.G.  
Walter, C.R. 160 acres
Ward, Mrs. Mary C. 320 acres
Ward, N.W. 37 acres
Ward, W.C. 160 acres
Wash, D.C.S.  
Wash, N.R.H.  
Watson, Peter F.  
Webb, Geo. W. 160 acres
Weir, W.B. 100 acres
White, L.S. 320 acres
White, Mrs. Mary F. 5 acres
Whitley, E.F.  
Whitley, J.M. 160 acres
Whitley, Wm.  
Whitney, Jinks  
Wier, Geo. C.  
Wight, Geo. T. 123 acres
Williams, Scott  
Williamson, Geo. Wignet?? 455 acres plus 7 lots & 6 blocks in Pearsall
Wilson, P.E. (agent) 875 acres
Wilson, Perry E. 8398 acres
Wilson, T.A. 15437 acres
Wilson & Blalock,  
Winslow, G.W. 1/8 of 67 blocks in Pearsall
Winslow, H.F.  
Winslow, T.J.  
Winters, B.T. 1177 acres
Winters, D.T. 800 acres
Winters, Hiram  
Winters, J.N.  
Winters, J.W. Jr.  
Winters, J.W. Sr. 160 acres
Winters, N.W.  
Winters, Taylor  
Winters, W.T.  
Wisiff, Jno. 500 acres
Wisiff, S.B. 984 acres
Witter, R.B. 727 acres
Wolfe, Mrs. R.C. & W.P. 240 acres
Wood, W.B. 96 acres
Woodward, C. Est. 9476 acres plus 13 lots and 30 blocks in Pearsall
Woodward, Mont 1 acre
Wright, Eli  
Wright, W.S. 5 acres
Yates, Dan P. 2092 acres
Young, D.N. 160 acres
Young, Henry 80 acres
Youngblood, Lewis 640 acres
Youngblood, W.T. 640 acres

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