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The following named individuals were on the Frio County 1910 tax rolls dated October 8, 1910. 

This information was extracted from microfilm files located at the San Antonio Main Library Genealogy Department.

Assessor: J.C. James 
County Judge: Leo W. Curtis 
Commissioner Precinct 1: Richard Nelms 
Commissioner Precinct 2: J.T. Bush 
Commissioner Precinct 3: R.L. Wolfe

Some residents owned acreage. Others owned city/town property. While others owned both. If you find a name with no property notation then they owned other taxable commodities such as live stock, business, etc. If a city (locale) is indicated that means that individual owned (lots/blocks) within that city.  I placed a "?" next to names where the spelling might be incorrect. Also, it was difficult to distinguish between some initials "T" and "F".  (John Hawley)

This listing was made by John Hawley in March 2000.

Name Acres Lots/Blocks
Adams, A.D. 320   
Adams, Buck 156   
Adams, C.D. 529   
Adams, G.F. and Co.    
Adams, G.F. and Co.    
Adams, J. Q. ?   Dilley
Adams, R.E.    
Adams, W.A. 800   
Adcock, R.H. 960   
Aguilar, Fernando   Pearsall
Aguilar, Mariano   Pearsall
Aguirre, Pancho    
Aguirre, Sixto    
Alexander, W.J. 1227   
Allen, E.L.   Pearsall
Alley, W.P.    
Andrada, Eslina   Dilley
Andrada, Maria   Pearsall
Andrada, Pedro   Pearsall
Andrews, W.E.   Moore
Angell, W.V.   Pearsall
Applewhite, Hugh 165   
Applewhite, Lee 314   
Ardis, L.A. 263   
Arellano, Francisco   Pearsall
Arellano, Trinidad   Pearsall
Armstrong, Andrew   Pearsall
Armstrong, Jas.   Pearsall
Armstrong, Mrs. F.A. ?   Pearsall
Arnold, Dan 650  Pearsall
Arnold, J.N. 1113   
Arnold, W.A. 8000   
Arthur, C.P.    
Arthur, P.E. 1275   
Atkinson, Geo. M.   Pearsall
Avant, R.F.   Dilley
Babazo, Gregorio   Pearsall
Bailey, J.A.S.    
Balderas, Miguel    
Balino, Frances   Pearsall
Bandy, J.E. 333  Moore
Bandy, J.F.    
Banks, Lucy   Pearsall
Barller, John   Pearsall
Barnes, S. 32   
Barnes, Wall    
Barron, Wm. L.    
Basquez, Quino ?    
Beach, N.A.    
Beeson, R.L. 320   
Beever, C.H. 1500   
Beever, Geo. H.   Pearsall
Bell, J.H.   Derby
Beloz, Catarino   Pearsall
Bennett, G.C.    
Bennett, Harry    
Bennett, John 2300   
Bennett, Richard    
Bennett, S.A.    
Bennett, Walter    
Bennett, Wm. 370   
Berban, Est. John 42   
Berry, J.E. 8200   
Berry, J.E. 1280   
Berry, John    
Betts, Mrs. Nina 160   
Biediger, Aug. 158  Moore
Biediger, Ed 1.5   
Biediger, P. ? 105   
Bierlein, J.P. 857   
Bilhartz, August   Pearsall
Bilhartz, Henry    
Bilhartz, Joseph 72  Pearsall
Billingsley, J.E.   Dilley
Billingsley, Jess   Pearsall
Bippert, F.R.    
Bishop, S.D.    
Bivins, John F. Sr 1050   
Blackaller, Est. J.H. 13431  Frio Town
Blackaller, G.A. Pearsall
Blackaller, L.E.  
Blackwell, J.B.   Moore
Blanco, Gertudis 160   
Bohl, A.P.    
Bohl, E.L. 320   
Boon, Wm.   Pearsall
Bosgur Del Fiburcio ?,   Pearsall
Bowen, Mrs. Bell 406   
Boyd, J. F. ?    
Boyd, J.J. 160   
Brake, Mrs. M.C.   Pearsall
Branch, J.O.   Pearsall
Branch, J.V. 165   
Braun, F.C. 339   
Braun, J.G. 1650   
Braun, O.G.   Moore
Bright, E.G.   Dilley
Briscoe, Payne 1025   
Brooks, H.R. 200   
Brown, A.B.    
Brown, Est. B. 5698   
Brown, R.L. 160  Pearsall
Brown, S.F.    
Brown, W.O. 3547   
Brown, W.R. 213   
Bryant, J.S. 304   
Bryson, J.R. 172   
Buck, J.E.    
Bullard, Jessie 84   
Bullock, L.O. 46   
Burden, J.L. 1325   
Burk, J.F.    
Burks, Mrs. M.N. 641   
Burnett, Garnett and Co.    
Burnett, W.H.    
Busby, C.L. 1100   
Busby, O.M. 1149  Pearsall
Bush, C.E.    
Bush, J.T. 320   
Bush, S.N. 35   
Butler, W.C. Jr.    
Butler, W.C.    
Buttles, B.E.    
Buttles, J. Sr.   Pearsall
Buttles, Palma 300   
Cabello, Martin    
Cady, H. et al 2000   
Calicut, C.G. 65  Dilley
Calk, C.P.    
Calk, J.P.   Derby
Callahan, A.B.    
Camero, Perfino    
Campbell, J.E. Jr.    
Campbell, J.M. 15700  Pearsall
Cannon, F.C.    
Cantu, Balente   Pearsall
Cantu, Rosa   Dilley
Cardenas, Gracia   Pearsall
Careser, Francisco ?    
Carpenter, T.P. 920   
Carranza, Juan    
Carroll, A.E.    
Carroll, W.E. 284   
Carter, J.A.   Pearsall
Casas, Ausencio ?    
Casas, Juan    
Casos, Florentine    
Cassos, Jesus    
Castanola, A.G.   Pearsall
Castillo, Juan   Pearsall
Castillo, Placido    
Castillos, Frank    
Cavender, G.R.   Dilley
Cavender, Mrs. S.J. 12  Dilley
Cavender, T.G.   Dilley
Cavender, W.S. 200   
Chabez, Santana ?    
Chadies, Candugo   Dilley
Chapa, Ignacio   Pearsall
Chapa, N.    
Chapa, P. Arzola    
Chaves, E. 26   
Chisolm, B.B. 180   
Christian, J.V.    
Clausewitz, F. 736   
Clausewitz, Martin    
Clausewitz, Will   Derby
Cleveland, J.T. 323   
Clifton and Matthews,   Pearsall
Cloud, L.A. 140   
Cochrane, J.S.    
Coffee, C.M. 485   
Coffman, R.M. 160   
Coffman, W.O.    
Coker, Clay   Pearsall
Coker, T.B.   Pearsall
Coleman, E.E.    
Coleman, Wiley 100   
Comanche, Anastasho    
Connelly, R.L.   Moore
Conover, B.E. 160   
Conover, B.T. 1096  Moore
Conover, F.M.   Moore
Cook, John   Derby
Cook, K.T.   Derby
Cook, O.H.    
Cook, T.C.    
Cordoba, Aunlto ?   Pearsall
Cordoba, Luzs    
Cordoba, Marial    
Cordoba, Santros de Reina   Pearsall
Cortez, Orliviana   Pearsall
Couser, Chas.  
Couser, G.W. 152   
Couser, J.M. 398   
Couser, Mrs. M.A. 174   
Cowden and Cowden, 36539   
Cowley, W.B. 5107  Pearsall
Cox, J.C. 360   
Coy, Eloisa Santos   Dilley
Craig, J.W.    
Crain, P.M. 1280   
Crawford, V.T. 1001  Pearsall
Cronin, Wm. J. 320   
Cross, J.W. 160   
Cross, W.L. 610   
Cruez, Crespin    
Cruz, Ben   Moore
Cruz, Eveal   Dilley
Cude, A.S.    
Cude, B.T. 265  Moore
Cude, E.L.    
Cude, Joe    
Cude, Mrs. N.N. 173   
Cude, N.W. Sr. 200   
Cude, V.H.    
Cude, W.S.    
Cude, W.T. 80   
Cude, W.W.    
Culpepper, Mrs. S.E. 1280   
Curry, J.L. 100   
Curtis, A.L. 28   
Curtis, A.L. & Lula & Geo. 83   
Curtis, A.L. and Lula 74 ??   
Curtis, Delbert 320   
Curtis, Geo. W.   Pearsall
Curtis, Green ? 250   
Curtis, W.A.    
Dalton, G.B.    
Dannell, M.D.    
Darlington, Mrs B.T. 2959  Dilley
Daughertry, Mrs. Dessie ?   Pearsall
Davidson, Mrs. C.A.  
Davidson, W.H. and Co.    
Davidson, W.H. and Co.   Moore
Davila, Carloty   Pearsall
Davila, Cruez   Pearsall
Davis, J.R.   Pearsall
Davis, John A.   Pearsall
Davis, Mrs. M.P. 22   
Dehos, Francisco    
DeLuna, T.    
Denson, H.Y.    
Devilbiss, C.H. 10   
Devilbiss, Ernest   Pearsall
Devilbiss, Luther   Pearsall
Devilbiss, M.E.    
Devilbiss, Mrs. M.P.   Pearsall
Devilbiss, Mrs. T.A.   Pearsall
Devilbiss, Tom   Pearsall
Dew, H.L.    
Dewoody, T.V.   Dilley
Diaz, Calistro   Dilley
Diaz, Jesus    
Diaz, Manuel   Dilley
Dillahunty, C. 247   
Dillard, N. 75   
Dixon, R.E. 240   
Donnell, Tom    
Donnell, W.E.    
Donovan, Mrs. H.J.   160
Dover, W.W.   Dilley
Dowe, Est. J.M. 512   
Dowe, F.T. Sr.   Pearsall
Duke, S.J.    
Dumont, J.T. Pearsall
Duncan, Ben Jr. 200   
Duncan, Ben Sr 1962  Moore
Duncan, Jess   Moore
Duncan, R.S.    
Dunks, J.J.    
Dunlap, A.    
Dunlap, J.H.  
Dunlap, R. 420   
Dunlap, W.C.    
Dunmore, W.S. 355   
Dunn, J.A. 605   
Echols, J.P. 180   
Echols, T.    
Edmonstone, A.T. 500  Dilley
Edmonstone Mercantile Co.,   Dilley
Edwards, C.H. 605   
Edwards, John 640   
Edwards, L.C. 2001   
Edwards, L.D.   Moore
Edwards, L.J.W. 8103   
Edwards, W.C. 4000   
Eldridge, J.C. 300   
Eldridge, J.D. 2259   
Eldridge, Lee    
Eldridge, S.I. 14952   
Eldridge, T.D. 320   
Eldridge, Tobe    
Ellis, C.C.    
Ellis, J.D.    
Ellis, S.H.    
Ellis, W.W. 392   
Ellison, J.W. 25   
Ellison, Mrs, S.C. 349  Moore
Ellison, Sam ?    
English, Jim. W.   Pearsall
Erskine, J.F. 154   
Escobedo, Cristobal   Moore
Estrada, Timotara    
Farnsworth, G.W. 45   
Favor, A.J. 160   
Favor, Brit 160   
Favor, C.C.  
Favor, Tom 106   
Fenneman, Ed   Moore
Ferguson, A.O. 180  Moore
Ferguson, D.B.    
Ferguson, J.C.   Moore
Ferguson, W.T. 160   
Field, J.E.   Pearsall
Field, S.S. 255   
Finch, A.B.   Dilley
Finch, C.C. 467   
Finch, Dave 160   
Finch, L.B. 160   
Fiore, G.H.    
Flores, Delfino   Pearsall
Forester, C.J.    
Forester, J.R.   Pearsall
Forester, R.H.    
Fort, H.H. 158   
Foster, E.C.    
Foster, G.S. 284   
Foster, Lee 485  Pearsall
Foster, Miss Hettie 282   
Foster, T.W. 184   
Fowler, P.M.    
Franklin, S.T.    
Franks, G.W.    
Franks, Mrs. Martha 320   
Franks, Sam    
Franks, W.A.    
Frazier, C.W. 160   
Frazier, J.H. 160   
French, C.E.    
Frio Cotton Oil Co.,  
Fryer, R.M.    
Fuller, D.W. 161   
Fuller, Hugh    
Fuller, J.H.   Pearsall
Fuller, J.W. Pearsall
Fuller, Willie & Hazel 534   
Fullerton, Horace    
Fullerton, P.Y.    
Funk, Wm    
Furguson, A.W.   Pearsall
Furguson, J.W. 230   
Furguson, W.W. 310   
Gallegos, Salone    
Galvan, Mauro    
Gammage, W.B.    
Gansabado, Calletano    
Garcia, Atiliano    
Garcia, Atilino    
Garcia, Felix    
Garcia, Isadora   Dilley
Garcia, Jesus   Pearsall
Garcia, Landro    
Garcia, Onofoe ?   Dilley
Garcia, Pompetia   Pearsall
Gardner, J.E.    
Gardner, J.W. 671   
Garner, D.    
Garner, Issac    
Garrett, G.B. 100   
Garrett, T.E.    
Garza, Alejandro  
Garza, Estaban  
Garza, Eulalio   Pearsall
Garza, Francisco  
Gaston, D.C. 160  Moore
Gebara, Antonio   Pearsall
Genobebo, Sabas   Pearsall
Geyer, W.A. 320   
Gill, R.H. 502   
Gill, Roy    
Gillispie, M.E.    
Gilman, B.I.  
Goforth, J.F. 318   
Gonzales, Anacelto   Pearsall
Gonzales, Antonio   Dilley
Gonzales, Carlos   Pearsall
Gonzales, Leniolia ?   Pearsall
Gonzales, Manuel    
Gonzales, Marcelo   Pearsall
Gonzales, Martinez    
Gonzales, Tedora   Pearsall
Gordon, C.M. 4146   
Gouna, Blas   Dilley
Gouna, Cristobal   Dilley
Gouna, Manuel 320  Dilley
Govea, Jesus   Pearsall
Gravell, J.A.   Dilley
Gray, J.E.   Pearsall
Gray, J.M.W. Pearsall
Gray, John    
Guerrero, Serapio   Pearsall
Guevara, Sabar   Pearsall
Guiterrez, Juan M. 160   
Gusman, Porifirio ?   Pearsall
Gutires, Braulio ?    
Gutires, Carlos ?   Pearsall
Hanner, W.H. 560   
Hans, Mrs. Gabe 205  Frio Town & Pearsall
Hardy, C.T. 2004   
Harkness, J.C.B. 26  Pearsall
Harr, E.J.    
Harr, N.A.   Dilley
Harr, W.D.   Dilley
Harrell, J.M.    
Harrell, W.D. 138   
Harrington, H.L.    
Harris, C.E.   Moore
Harris, D.N.    
Harris, F.E.    
Harris, H.E.    
Harris, J. Will 186   
Harris, J.W.    
Harris, J.W.  
Harris, J.W. and Co.    
Harris, Joe 86   
Harris, M.D. 14   
Harris, Mrs. E.  
Harris, Mrs. W.D.    
Harris, P.S. 100  Pearsall
Harris, W.H.   Pearsall
Harrison, G.C. 600   
Harrison, R.K.   Moore
Hassell, J.B.  
Heard, C.J.M.    
Hendrickson, J.T. 196   
Henson, Claud    
Henson, G.W. 160   
Henson, W.A.    
Hernandez, Engarison    
Hernandez, Gregoria    
Hernandez, Hotabano    
Hernandez, Inofous  
Hernandez, Jacoba    
Hernandez, Jose  
Hernandez, Lucs   Moore
Hernandez, Manuel    
Hernandez, Reyes    
Hernandez, Severo    
Hernandez, Ynes   Pearsall
Herrin, J. Newton   Pearsall
Hess, G.S.   Pearsall
Hess, Mrs. W.D. 66   
Hickey, J. 152   
Higdon, Wm.   Pearsall
Hill, Jno. D. and R.T. 28   
Hill, John D. 20  Pearsall
Hill, Mrs. Reba  
Hill, R.T. 18   
Hindes, D.W.   Pearsall
Hindes, F.D.   Pearsall
Hindes, G.F. 5319  Pearsall
Hindes, Mrs. Chas.   Pearsall
Hindes, W.R.   Pearsall
Hoggatt, W.W.    
Holland, A.G. 21  Pearsall
Holland, R.C.   Pearsall
Hopkins, A.H.   Dilley
Hopkins, Bros ?   Dilley
Hopkins, Clara 93  Pearsall
Hopkins, R.B.   Dilley
Horne, J.H.    
Howard, N.C. 132   
Hubbard, Ella M. 377  Pearsall
Hudson, C.H.   Pearsall
Hudson, Geo   Pearsall
Hudson, I.J.    
Hudson, J.T. 20  Pearsall
Hudson, R.W.   Pearsall
Hudson and Davis,    
Hugo, O.G. 2116  Dilley
Huie, Mrs. M.V. and Son   Pearsall
Isbell, G.W.    
James, J.C.   Pearsall
Jensen, T. 1559  Moore
Jerkins, Joe 160   
Johnson, Buck 78   
Johnson, C.H.  
Johnson, H.E. 843  Moore
Johnson, Harry    
Johnson, J.W. 265   
Johnson, L.W. 164  Moore
Johnson, Mrs. F.A.   Pearsall
Johnson, Quill    
Johnson, V.    
Johnson, W.D.    
Johnson, W.D. and Co.    
Jones, A. 117  Moore
Jones, Bill    
Jones, C.E.  
Jones, H.H.    
Jones, Mrs. E.P. 640   
Jones, Mrs. J.A. 160   
Jones, N.W. 16  Moore
Jordan, J.W.    
Juarez, Estevan   Pearsall
Keeney, R.D. 340   
Kellams Bros.,    
Kelly, J.B. 95   
Kelly, R.B. 160   
Kemper, J.M. 15  Pearsall
Kempf, Chas. 160   
Kercheville, Mack    
Kerr, C.E. 400   
Kerr, J.R.T.    
Kilgore, W.Y. 213   
King, I.A. 10   
King, J.J.    
Kinsel, D.P.    
Kinsel, J.A. 375   
Kinsel, J.T. 2694   
Kinsel, J.W. 127   
Kinsel, Jess    
Kinsel, R.A. 250  Dilley
Kinsel, R.A. and J.A. 125   
Kirkham, John    
Kirkham, Mrs. C.P.    
Kirschke, John    
Kolb, A.J. 15   
Laldibor, Remunda    
Langley, Mrs. Oma  
Lann, N.    
Lason, Crawford   Bigfoot
Lauderback, D.E.    
Lauderback, W.A. 160   
Laughenhouse, J.A. 159   
Lawes, L.L. 160   
Lawrence, J.T.   Dilley
Laxton, H.N.  
Leach, J.A. 160   
Leach, L.    
Lee, C.E. 346  Pearsall
Lee, E.F.    
Lee, Floyd    
Lee, J.E. 916   
Lee, J.R. 640   
Lee, W.W. 450   
Lee, Will    
Leinneweber, Mrs. P.W. 106   
Lenderman, C.L. 111   
Lilly, A.A.  
Lilly, E.A.   Pearsall
Lilly, G.C. 166  Pearsall
Lindholm, M.W. 284   
Lindholm, O.E. 1024   
Lippard, D.C. 290   
Little, D.B. 5245  Frio Town
Little, D.B. and F.C. 2733   
Little, Fannie C. 3343   
Little, J.F.   Pearsall
Little, J.G. 247   
Little, J.J. 5715  Pearsall
Little, R.A. 15   
Little, S.L.    
Littleton, R.T. 320   
Long, J.D. 1361   
Long, J.M. 321   
Long, J.N. 971   
Long, J.N. and Maggie 2733   
Long, M.E.    
Long, Mrs. Maggie 3835   
Long, R.J.   Pearsall
Long, W.A.    
Long and Shelton, 1011   
Lopez, Adelaido   Pearsall
Lopez, Amelio   Pearsall
Lopez, Delores   Pearsall
Love, J.R. 428   
Lowe, L.A.    
Lowe, Mrs. M.C. 214   
Loxton, J.H. 14116   
Lozano, G.W. 480   
Lugo, Levatian    
Luna, Doniciano de 392  Pearsall
Luna, Lagruana D. ?   Pearsall
Mabry, J.H.   Dilley
Madero, Silbero   Dilley
Madison, J.S. 480   
Magness, J.C.   Pearsall
Malone, E.C.    
Malone, J.J.    
Malone, J.W.    
Malone, R.E.    
Malone, R.J. 1766   
Maney, E.P. 110   
Maney, H. Jr. 1280  Pearsall
Maney, M. 110  Pearsall
Marion, J.T. 3735   
Marks, E.H. 240   
Martin, Green   Pearsall
Martin, L.T. 1298   
Martin, T.J. 115  Dilley
Martinez, Antonio   Pearsall
Martinez, Florencio  
Martinez, Juan    
Martinez, Lazaro 160  Moore
Martinez, Lino   Pearsall
Martinez, Ramon    
Massengale, J.F. 186   
Matthew, J.C. 22   
Matthews, Miss E.   Pearsall
Mays, C.G.  
Mays, D.H. 200   
Mays, J.N. 21   
Mays, N.M. 240   
McAda, J.W.    
McAfee, J.P.   Dilley
McAfee and Edmonstone, 76  Dilley
McBee, John 200   
McBee, Mark    
McBee, W.A. 297   
McCampbell, B.F. 161   
McCandless, G.H. 872   
McCaughey, John400    
McConnell, W.B.    
McCracken, W.C.    
McDougal, A.J.  
McFadden, R.N. 1266  Moore
McGlothin, J.B. 200   
McGlothin, T.H.   Dilley
McKinley, G.W.    
McKinley, N.S. 320   
McKinley, W.W. 3123   
McKinney, H.C.    
McKinney, W.C. 13   
McKinnley & Summers, 16   
McMahan, J.T.    
McWhorter, J.A. 44   
McWhorter, J.E.    
McWhorter, Jas. M.    
McWhorter, John    
Meeks, Mrs. J.T. 501  Dilley
Melendrez, Jose   Pearsall
Melms, Mrs. L. 2802   
Melms, Richard    
Melon Mercantile Co.,  
Melon Ware Huse,  
Mendas, Colomena ?    
Mercer, E.L.    
Mercer, J.T. 26   
Mercer Drug Co.,    
Metcalf, J.A.    
Milam, O.E.  
Miller, C.R.   Dilley
Miller, F.O. 132  Moore
Miller, J.W.    
Miller, T.B. 644   
Mills, H.H. 300  Dilley
Mills, M.V. 20   
Mills, Mrs. M.A. 159   
Mirels, Francisco    
Mitchell, Newton    
Mixon, G.K.  
Moleno, Geo.    
Molino, Christiana    
Moore, Gin Co.   Moore
Moore, J.N.    
Moore, L.W. 155   
Moore, P.F. 650   
Moore, P.K.    
Moore, R.A. Sr. Pearsall
Moore, Rufe    
Moore, T.N.    
Moore, W.G.    
Moore Mercantile Co.,    
Moquech, Juan   Pearsall
Morales, Casimera   Dilley
Morales, G.O.   Pearsall
Morales, Geronimo 320 
Moreno, Cepriano    
Moreno, Eulogio   Pearsall
Moreno, Fales ?    
Moreno, Luis   Pearsall
Moreno, Nicolas   Pearsall
Moreno, Pedro   Pearsall
Morin, Reyes   Pearsall
Motley, W.R.   Dilley
Mudd, A.C. 679   
Mudd, E.A.   Pearsall
Mudd, G.H. 640   
Muniz, Juan    
Muniz, Londes    
Munoz, Francisco    
Murphy, J.E. 363   
Murphy, W.T.    
Murray, A.J.    
Murray, E.B.    
Murray, J.M. 160   
Navarro, Ed    
Navarro, Propino    
Neatherlin, B.    
Neatherlin, Mrs. E.J. 561  Dilley
Neeley, Houston ???  Pearsall
Neill, J.C.    
Newsom Bros.,    
Nicholson, John    
Nicholson, Mrs. N.J.  
Nixon, B.K.    
Nixon, J.K. 1016   
Nixon, R.S.    
Nixon, T.P.    
Noel, E.W.  
Nolen, A.S. 107   
Norvell, J.B. 117   
Nowlin, T.P. 492   
Noys, Geo.    
Obets, Aug. Jr 302   
Obets, Aug. Sr. 1234  Moore
Obets, Chas. 2845  Moore
Obets, E.A.   Moore
Obregon, Apolano    
Oliver, J.G. 155   
Orelia Gin Co.,  
Ornelas, Carlos    
Orr, Mrs. E.   Pearsall
Osteryoung, Louis 10   
Outlaw, E.    
Outlaw, Mrs. C.E. 170   
Owings, Est. L. 22   
Owings, J.D.   Pearsall
Padalla, Martin   Pearsall
Palacios, Pedro   Pearsall
Park, D. 96   
Park, F.L. 126   
Park, R.S. 1931   
Parker, A.D.    
Parker, Dan Sr.    
Parker, J.A.    
Parker, John    
Parker, M.A.    
Parker, M.B.    
Parl, Wm.    
Patillo, W.A.   Dilley
Patterson, J.D.  
Patterson, R.W.    
Patterson, S.F.    
Pearsall Gin Co.,  
Pearsall Mercantile Co.,   Pearsall
Pena, Pablo   Pearsall
Penland, J.W.    
Perez, Demecio   Pearsall
Perez, geronimo    
Perez, Lenofio   Dilley
Perez, Yndolerio    
Phelps, S.T.   Pearsall
Phillips, D.F.    
Phillips, R.E. 525   
Pigford, Mrs. Annie 160  Pearsall
Pigford, Mrs. Mary 160   
Pisot, Adam    
Porter, R.N.   Pearsall
Pouncey, C.E.J. 925   
Pouncy, D.B.   Dilley
Powell, E.T. 320   
Powell, E.T. 675   
Powell, Jas.   Pearsall
Pranglin, Jno. L.   Pearsall
Pranglin, Mrs. Bessie 35  Pearsall
Pruett, A.E.    
Pruett, A.L. 110   
Pruett, Andrew    
Pruett, D.D.   Pearsall
Pruett, E.J.    
Pruett, Frank    
Pruneda, Abarista   Dilley
Ramel, P.V. 800   
Ramirez, Eugenio   Pearsall
Ramon, C.    
Rankel Falipe ?,    
Rankin, J.A. 320   
Rankin, J.T.    
Rankin, W.D. 733   
Ratcliff, M.V. 22   
Raveilo, Garvenia   Dilley
Ray, E.T.    
Redditt, R. 985  Pearsall
Reed, O.L.    
Reed, R.D.    
Reed, Richard   Pearsall
Reina, Natividad   Pearsall
Reiosas, Mersa    
Rena, Guadalupe   Moore
Renteria, Juan   Pearsall
Reyna, Jacinto    
Reyna, Martin    
Reyos, Gregoria    
Rhodes, Mrs. S.   Pearsall
Richardson, Warren    
Ricks, J.B.    
Ricks, W.H.    
Ridgeway, S.H. 930   
Riggan, J.M. 220  Pearsall
Riggs, S.J.    
Riggs, T.B. 429   
Riojas, Silbiano 160   
Roberts, Artie C. 5260   
Roberts, Bruce  
Roberts, Ed 1499   
Roberts, S.C. 1600  Pearsall & Derby
Roberts, W.A. 1600   
Roberts, W.A. and A.C. ? 3736   
Roberts, W.A. and Co.    
Robledo, Faustino    
Robledo, Manuel    
Roche, Mrs. M.A. 800   
Rodriguez, Dario   Pearsall
Rodriguez, Florentino   Dilley
Rodriguez, Jesus   Moore
Rodriguez, Lauro   Dilley
Rogers, E.H.    
Rogers, J.A. 240   
Rogers, Lon    
Rogers, Paul    
Rogers, R.H. 587   
Rogers, W.F.    
Rogers, W.H. 310   
Rogers and Co.,   Dilley
Ross, Jas. 320   
Ross, Louis    
Rosson, Carl  
Rouse, Guterez   Pearsall
Rowell, Mrs. L.L.    
Rowland, E.B. 560   
Rubalcarda, Casemire    
Rubenstein, Ben & Sol 167  Pearsall
Rubenstein Mercantile Co.,    
Ruede, O.M. 640   
Ruiz, Lucio    
Ruiz, S.R.   Dilley
Rumfield, F.M. ?    
Rumfield, J.H.    
Rumfield, Mrs. M.A. 1464   
Rummel, F.W. 438   
Rummel, G.A.    
Rummel, R.C.    
Rummell, G.H.    
Russell, W.A.    
Russell, W.E.   Pearsall
Rutledge, E.B.   Pearsall
Ryland, J.A. 100   
Ryman, W.L.  
Ryman and Co.,    
Sackville, H.A.   Dilley
Sackville, Wm. 9514  Dilley
Sadler, A.D.    
Sadler, G.W. Jr.    
Sadler, Geo. W. Jr. 15   
Sadler, Mrs. W.A. 175   
Saenz, Augstine Cruz   Moore
Salas, Satonio ?
Salazar, Calletana   Pearsall
Saldana, Maunel    
Salenis, Marcadio ?    
Salidbor, Abran ?    
Salina, Miguel    
Salinas, Benito   Dilley
Salmon, J.T.   Pearsall & Dilley
Samulio, Pablo    
Sanchez, Demetro   Pearsall
Sanchez, Martin   Pearsall
Sanchez, Warlupe ?    
Sanders, A.D.   Pearsall
Sanders, A.R. 1163   
Sanders, G. Jr. and Co.    
Sanders, Geo W. 1723  Pearsall
Sanders, Geo. R. 1756  Pearsall
Sanders, Geo. W. & Bros Mercanti.    
Sanders, Geo. W. & Son    
Sanders, Mrs. T.A.   Pearsall
Sanders, T.A.    
Santos, M.S.    
Sauceda, Santos   Pearsall
Saunders, Mrs. Ruby   Pearsall
Sauter, John    
Saxon, Jas. F.   Pearsall
Scalloon, E.    
Schorp, Jos. 3450   
Schorp, L. and J. 4141   
Scott, J.E. Pearsall
Scott, K.M. 251   
Shelton, L.C.    
Sherman, C.T.    
Silbas, Domingo 66  Pearsall
Silbas, Juana   Pearsall
Silbas, Juana   Pearsall
Silbas, martina   Pearsall
Silvas, Lazaro    
Silvery, Mrs. J.W. 225   
Simas, A.D.    
Simmons, A.M. 640   
Simmons, C.O. 120   
Sims, M.R.    
Sims, R.L.    
Sing, J.R. 68   
Sinks, J.W.  
Sinks, M.B. 592   
Sinks, Tom    
Skinner, J.K.    
Skinner, J.W. 140   
Slaughter, Mrs. C.M. 2950   
Sledge, L.W.    
Smith, B.A.   Pearsall
Smith, B.A. & Sons   Pearsall
Smith, Chas. G.   Pearsall
Smith, Est. Needham   Pearsall
Smith, F.G.   Pearsall
Smith, G.B.    
Smith, L.G.    
Smith, L.H.   Pearsall
Smith, Magus 741  Pearsall
Smith, Mrs. O.C. 444   
Smith, Needham Jr.    
Smith, R.J. Jr.    
Smith, R.J. Sr. 582   
Smith, Thos. 320   
Smith, W.B.    
Smith, W.F.    
Smith, W.H. 110   
Soldana, Antonio   Moore
Soldana, Pascual    
Solonio, Elulerio    
Sorrells, J.M.    
Sorrells, Louis 107   
Sorrells, W.E.    
Sotomayor, Mariano    
Spear, G.B. 27   
Spear, W.J.    
Speed, Bob    
Speed, J.T. 640   
Speed, Jno. J. 640   
Speed, Mrs. M.W. 132   
Speed, S.G. 8669   
Spratt, J.P. et al 3428   
Spruill, J.T. 200   
Stakes, Waldo    
Stalling, S.L.   Pearsall
Starr, A.H. 110   
Starr, J.L.    
Starr, J.M. 478   
Starr, J.W.    
Starr, John 320   
Steele, H.D.    
Steinmetz, A. 114   
Stewart, A.A.    
Stewart, B.F. 217   
Stewart, F. S. 207  Dilley
Stewart, H.B. 382   
Stewart, J.R. 966  Dilley
Stewart, Mrs. M. 215   
Stewart, W.I. 218   
Stone, E.    
Stone, F.A.    
Stone, J.H.    
Stribling, W.F.    
Strickland, J.F. 320   
Strickland, W.W.    
Stroman, E.P.  
Suars, Faustina    
Suggs, J.L. 393   
Suggs, J.M.    
Suggs, W.A.    
Sullivan, T.H.   Pearsall
Summers, J.B. 332   
Summers, M.E.    
Summers, W.F.    
Sweeney, A.C.    
Talley, J.F.    
Talley, J.W. 50   
Talley, Mrs. Nora C. 910   
Tankersley, A.G.    
Tankersley, J.W.    
Tankersley, M. 70   
Tankersley, Porter 418   
Tankersley, R.F.    
Taylor, G.C 200   
Taylor, H.L.    
Taylor, Hrs?? Mrs. A.J. 3435   
Taylor, L.D. 13   
Taylor, Milton 4605   
Taylor, Milton & Children 3216   
Taylor, W.B.    
Taylor, W.H 341   
Teal, A.J. Jr    
Terry, Wm   Dilley
Thalman, C.D. 320   
Theanda, Ygnacia    
Thetford, J.D. 1529   
Thetford, R.W. 1466   
Thomas, Mrs. J.S. 138   
Thomas, Mrs. S.W. 581   
Thomas, R.W. 400   
Thomas, W.H.  
Thompson, Chris 960   
Thompson, H.    
Thompson, Luct 2614   
Thompson, W.F. 2288  Pearsall
Thompson, Walter   Pearsall
Thurmond, Fred  
Thurmond, P.A.   Dilley
Thurmond, W.P.    
Thurmond Bros.,  
Tilley, V.H.    
Toalson, Geo.    
Toalson, J.A.    
Toalson, J.J.    
Tomblin, J.H. 160   
Tomblin, R.T.    
Tomson, Eric   Pearsall
Tores, Manuel    
Tores, Octabiana   Dilley
Torres, Porfirio   Dilley
Trafton, M.C.    
Trevino, Albinio    
Trickey, Walter   Pearsall
Troutz, C.C. 1282   
Troutz, George    
Troutz, Mrs. Mary 420   
Tuggle, N.G. 13   
Tuttle, W.R. 100   
Tyner, J.J. 108  Pearsall
Tyner, J.W.    
Tyree, Est. L.T.   Moore
Tyree, J.H. 240   
Valdez, Pascuala   Pearsall
Valdiaz, Anastia   Dilley
Valle, Lucio    
Vargas, Antonio   Pearsall
Vasher, Mrs. E.W.   Pearsall
Vaughn, Mrs. J.W.    
Vaughn, V.W.    
Vega, Anieto    
Vicker, L.C.    
Vicker, S.P.    
Villareal, Estanislado    
Villareal, Francisco    
Villareal, Jesus 24   
Villareal, Sista   Pearsall
Villegas, Juan   Dilley
Vining, B.C.    
Vinton, Jake 160   
Vinton, John    
Vinton, Kirb ? 15  Pearsall
Wade, J.D.    
Wadzeck, Fred    
Walker, H.E.   Pearsall
Wallace, W.A. 13   
Ward, Bros   Dilley
Ward, H.E. 799   
Ward, H.J. 796   
Ward, Jack    
Ward, Mrs. Luah   Pearsall
Ward and Bandy,   Dilley
Ward and Co., 320   
Ware, Mrs. J.L.  
Watson, C.A. 100   
Weatherly, F.T.   Pearsall
Weathersby, C.S. 330   
Weathersford, W.W.    
Webb, J.D. 227   
Webb, W.N. 200   
Weir, John 315   
West, T.J. 462  Moore
Whitaker, A.  
Whites, W.W.  
Whitley, B.L.    
Whitley, Geo.    
Whitley, J.L. 210   
Whitley, M.K.    
Whitley, Mrs. George 126   
Wickware, M.A.    
Wier, Geo. C. 160   
Wier, J.    
Wight, G.T. 226  Moore
Wilburn, F.A.   Derby
Wilkins, Wm.    
Williams, J.B. 162   
Williams, S.W. 126   
Williamson, L.C.   Moore
Wilson, C.B.    
Windrow, J.M.    
Winn, A.J.   Dilley
Winn, Joe 160   
Winters, B.T.    
Winters, D.T. 600   
Winters, E.C. 100  Moore
Winters, Est. B.F.   Moore
Winters, Hartford  
Winters, Howard 300  Moore & Pearsall
Winters, J.L.    
Winters, J.L. 167   
Winters, J.W.   Moore
Winters, Minor Mrs. B.F. ?? 300 
Winters, Mrs. Mattie  
Winters, Mrs. Sammie   Moore
Winters, N.W.    
Winters, S.A. 175   
Winters, Tob ??    
Winters, W.A.    
Winters, W.F.   Moore
Winters, W.O.    
Wipff, E. 359   
Witter, C.R. 160   
Witter, Lizzie    
Witter, R.B. 287   
Witter, W.W. 160   
Wolfe, Mrs. R.C. 340   
Wolfe, R.L. 1600   
Wolfe, Walter 894   
Wood, M.C. 222   
Wood, W.B. 140   
Wood, W.R.   Dilley
Woodward, Bros 102   
Woodward, C.B. 10471  Pearsall
Woodward, C.B. and Ida B. 2652   
Woodward, Ida B. 3270   
Woodward, J.A.    
Woodward, N.P. 4560  Pearsall
Wools, F.H.    
Wright, H.C. 360  Dilley
Wright, J.L.    
Wright, J.M.   Dilley
Wright, W.H.   Dilley
Wshitley, J.W. 656   
Wyatt, T.S.    
Yates, Ed 725   
Yates, Mrs. D.P. 2600  Pearsall
Young, B.   Moore
Young, B.J.   Moore
Young, D.N.    
Young, Henry  
Young, W.T. 320   
Youngblood, J.W.    
Youngblood, Louis    
Youngblood, W.T. 640   
Yowell, J.J.   Dilley
Zalos, Thomas    
Zapata, Miguel   Pearsall

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