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The Fort in Fort Worth

By Clay Perkins, M.D.

Tells of the military situation in Texas and around the fort before and during its existence and before it became a city. The lives and careers of the military men who served there are also spotlighted. Deluxe hard cover; 6" x 9"; no index; 277 pages. Published 2001 by Cross-Timbers Heritage Publishing Company, Keller, Texas.

"If you are looking for a local history book that reads like a novel then this one may not be to your liking. This book actually contains many good stories and a great deal of factual information. The time line is what threw me in the beginning. The first chapter starts in 1837 and proceeds forward in time through 1849. Suddenly we're back in 1845 and then 1844. This shift in time occurs frequently throughout the book. I suppose that the stories would be difficult to relate in any other way without losing vital information. Once I was comfortable with the format, it was much more enjoyable to read.

Each story and chapter ties back to the fort even though you may be reading about events in south Texas or Mexico. Dr. Perkins compiled a great deal of historical data and somehow managed to get it all between the covers. With the many illustrations, we get a good idea what the fort looked like and what pioneer life must have been like in those early days of Tarrant County.

The Fort in Fort Worth, by Dr. Claude Clayton (Clay) Perkins, contains no index whatsoever.  For the benefit of visitors to our website, I have compiled one. I was just going to list the names of those who are mentioned in the book, but then you would have to read the whole book just to find one person. A full name index is just what the doctor ordered." - Rob Yoder

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The Fort in Fort Worth
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You should be able to purchase this book from the North Fort Worth Historical Society. Their museum is located in the Livestock Exchange Building in Fort Worth's Historic Stockyard District.

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