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Join our Mailing List to receive meeting notices.

You are encouraged to subscribe to our mailing list to receive the latest news from the society, meeting notices and other items of local interest. Since the purpose of this list is news and notices, this is a Read-Only list and only FWGS will post messages. Members of the FWGS Mailing List can be assured that their e-mail addresses will remain private. They will not be finding their way onto any spam lists through us. RootsWeb mailing lists are also spam free. The only messages you will receive from this list will be from the society. You will not be able to post queries here.

To Subscribe

It costs nothing to subscribe to the FWGS Mailing List and membership in the Society is not required. Visit the following link to join the list.

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Read the Messages that you have missed

We save the messages that are posted to our Mailing List. Visit the same link above to get an idea of what to expect when you subscribe and to see what we've already posted.



If you have a question or need assistance in subscribing, please contact us at:

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