General Membership Meetings

Our General Membership Meetings are conducted on the last Tuesday
of each month with exception of December.

Fort Worth Central Library (Downtown)
500 West 3rd Street
Fort Worth, Texas

6:30 - 7:45 pm

Contact Don Crews for more information. Email address for Don Crews


Meeting Flyer for November 2014

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Tuesday - 25 November 2014

Speaker: Pat Gordon

Topic: Beyond Vital Statistics - Who were these people, anyway?

2014 Schedule

Meeting Flyer for January 2014

Speaker: Library Genealogical Staff

Topic: Tour of the Department

How long has it been since you visited the Fort Worth Genealogy Unit down town? Have you noticed all that new equipment? Is there something you’ve wanted to try out or a question you’ve wanted to ask, but you were uncertain? This is the night to come! Tour the department and learn how to use some of those really nice scanners and see what is new to the department. Meet in the Tandy Auditorium and after business and refreshments, we will go downstairs to tour.

Meeting Flyer for February 2014

Speaker: Robyn Conley

Topic: "Writing Your Life's Story"

Join Robyn for a fun, interactive session to learn tips on writing YOUR life story. Genealogists often concentrate solely on their relatives’ past lives, but this session will help each genealogist focus on their
own life story. You’ll learn secrets published authors use when telling good stories, as well as a few organizational ideas to help the task feel less daunting.

Meeting Flyer for March 2014

Speaker: Gail Blankenau

Topic: Keeping Up With the Smiths and Joneses.

If you are stymied by your ancestors with common names, this presentation is made to order. Although these families present special problems, there are techniques you can use to zero in on your ancestor as an individual—no matter how common the name.

Meeting Flyer for April 2014

Speaker: Terri Meeks

Topic: Who’s Your Mama? Tracing Your Female Ancestors.

Terri is FWGS Vice President and conducts all our Beginners Workshops. She is a talented genealogist with research in Canada and translations of French documents. And she, along with the rest of us, has had trouble uncovering a female ancestor’s maiden name. You won’t want to miss this talk.

Meeting Flyer for May 2014

Speaker:  Bernard N. Meisner

Topic: Mining the Gems in a Civil War Pension File

Pension applications generally contain supporting documents such as: discharge papers, affidavits, depositions of witnesses, narratives of events during service, marriage certificates, birth records, death certificates, family Bible pages, and other supporting papers. Dr. Meisner will demonstrate using actual family pension files.

Meeting Flyer for May 2014June

Speaker: Various

Topic: Brick Walls ----- Help!

Do you have a Brick Wall you cannot get around or over? Or an elusive or puzzling ancestor who you still cannot find? Maybe a fresh pair of eyes and ears will help snare that elusive ancestor or at least give you some new ideas and places to look.

You are invited to share a problem or share a solution from the audience as we all put our collective wealth of knowledge together.

Meeting Flyer for May 2014

Speaker: Lela Evans

Topic: PERSI (Periodical Source Index)

Have you ever used PERSI? Have you ever heard of it? No matter — Lela is here to make us better understand and better find valuable information in PERSI. *PERSI is the PERiodical Source Index that indexes articles from genealogical and historical journals, magazines, etc. Come and see how YOU can access it to find more on your families.

Meeting Flyer for May 2014

Speaker: Debbie Pearson

Topic: World War I - 100 Years of Records

This month marks the 100th Anniversary of the start of WW I for the European front. Let’s take a look at some of the places to find records and information on the men and families of this time period, including NARA, Fold3 & Ancestry.

Meeting Flyer for May 2014

Speaker: Anna Guy-Burroughs

Topic: What’s In a Name?

Names & Naming Patterns in Genealogical Research.

Meeting Flyer for October 2014

Speaker: Phil & Peggy Jones Besselievre

Topic: Family History Centers: Resources & More

Come learn more about what the LDS Family History Centers have to offer from two experts!

Also: Election of Officers for 2015

Meeting Flyer for November 2014

Speaker: Pat Gordon

Topic: Beyond Vital Statistics - Who were these people, anyway?

Fleshing out who the ancestors for whom you've collected Birth, Death, Marriage records (etc.).

Also on the agenda: Installation of the 2015 Board of Directors


Meetings are not generally scheduled in December

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