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General Membership Meetings

Our General Membership Meetings are conducted on the last Tuesday
of each month with exception of December.

Fort Worth Central Library (Downtown)
500 West 3rd Street
Fort Worth, Texas
Tandy Auditorium

6:30 - 7:45 pm - Doors open at 6:00 for coffee

Contact Judy Ramos for more information. Email address for Judy Ramos


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Next Meeting

Tuesday - 28 March 2017

Speaker: Ila Johnson

Topic: “Using Newspapers to connect your family to history”


2017 Schedule

Meeting Flyer for January 2017

Speaker: Terri Meeks

Topic: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

We complain about the weather all the time. It’s either too hot or too cold, too wet or too dry. Our farm family ancestors kept close watch on the weather as it directly affected their economic well-being. Have you lost track of your ancestor’s family? Are you looking for that elusive burial record? What was your ancestor’s occupation and what affect did it have on his community? Want to put additional flesh on the bones? Perhaps weather might be the answer.

Meeting Flyer for February 2017

Speaker: Judy Everett Ramos

Topic: “To join or not to join…a lineage society”

Many genealogists have heard of the Sons/Daughters of the American Revolution lineage society and maybe you have considered joining. But, did you know you can also join lineage societies if your ancestors were early sheriffs, teachers, or were accused of witchcraft? There is a lineage society for almost everyone. Judy will introduce you to some well-known, and lesser known, lineage groups and explain what every genealogist should think about when considering membership.

Meeting Flyer for March 2017

Speaker: Ila Johnson

Topic: “Using newspapers to connect your family to history”

Old newspapers provide a wealth of insight into history and critical events as they were unfolding through time. Gone are the days of wading through back issues of newspapers to do genealogy research. Today, the Internet and digitization of old newspapers has made everything just a click away. Ila Johnson will explain how to access newspapers easily at home, your local library, or at your local Family History Center.

Meeting Flyer for April 2017

Speaker: Thomas Morton

Topic: Are you descended from Kings?

Tom will show you easier steps to finding royalty in your family history and how to download the files into your Family Tree Maker file. He will show you the names that are likely to lead you to royalty. Tom has helped more than 150 people find they are descended from kings and queens. Tom will then show you how to publish your findings in a book for friends and relatives. You will need to be familiar (at least a basic understanding) with Family Tree Maker and

Meeting Flyer for May 2017

Speaker: Connie Gray

Topic: Adoptions


Meeting Flyer for June 2017

Speaker: Jim Hodgson

Topic: World War I


Meeting Flyer for July 2017

Speaker: Ari Wilkins

Topic: Southern Antebellum Records

Ari Wilkins will demonstrate the key to using Southern Antebellum records. She will explain plantation records and show how they can offer great insight into many Southern families. Ari will discuss how these records document families' personal and business correspondence, conditions of plantation life (including the elusive names of slaves and descriptions of slave relationships) and much more. Learn how to search the collection and apply it to your genealogical research.

Meeting Flyer for August 2017

Speaker: Ann McKee

Topic: old photographs


Meeting Flyer for September 2017

Speaker: Patti Gillespie


Meeting Flyer for Octoberl 2017

Speaker: Diane Dyess

Topic: Cemetery markers


Meeting Flyer for November 2017




Meetings are not typically scheduled in December

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