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General Membership Meetings

Our General Membership Meetings are conducted on the last Tuesday
of each month with exception of December.

Fort Worth Central Library (Downtown)
500 West 3rd Street
Fort Worth, Texas

6:30 - 7:45 pm - Doors open at 6:00 for coffee

Contact Judy Ramos for more information. Email address for Judy Ramos


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Tuesday - 26 April 2016

Speaker: Kent Hopkins

Topic: The Society of Mayflower Descendants:
Our Roots and Our Vision


2016 Schedule

Meeting Flyer for January 2016

Speaker: Fort Worth Library Staff

Topic: Touring the FW Genealogy Unit: What’s New?

Have you been in the Fort Worth Genealogy Unit in awhile? Have you noticed some changes? Is there something you’ve wanted to try out or a question you’ve wanted to ask, but you were uncertain? This is the night to come! Tour the department and learn what is new to the department. Meet in the Tandy Auditorium then after business and refreshments, we will go downstairs to tour.

Meeting Flyer for February 2016

Speaker: Sandy Prindle

Topic: The Lincoln Assassination: Booth's Confederate Connections

Retired judge and author Sandy Prindle is a recognized scholar and authority on the Lincoln assassination. If you have Civil War ancestors or just enjoy history, don’t miss this presentation. Sandy will also have his books for sale: “The Sins of Tarrant County,” “Cleansing The Sins,” and “Revolution II.”

Meeting Flyer for March 2016

Speaker: Roger Cobb

Topic: A Presentation on DNA Testing Legally, a Cobb – Biologically, a Mills

After years of family research, YDNA testing helped Roger Cobb discover that his grandfather was a Mills and not a Cobb. Roger will demonstrate how DNA testing is another genetic genealogical way to research when paper copies are not available.

Meeting Flyer for April 2016

Speaker: Sharon Katz

Topic: The DAR Genealogical Research System: Another tool in the toolbox

Not in DAR? No matter. This tool is for everyone. Sharon will survey the records available in the Daughters of the American Revolution database, called the Genealogical Research System (GRS). She will reveal some hidden gems along the way and will demonstrate how to utilize the GRS to further your research, even if you’re not a member of DAR.

Meeting Flyer for May 2016

Speaker: Kent Hopkins

Topic: The Society of Mayflower Descendants: Our Roots and Our Vision

Are you a Mayflower descendant? How can you find out? Mayflower descendant Kent Hopkins will discuss resources to learn about Mayflower descendant lineages. He will also talk about how the faith of the Mayflower pilgrims sustained them on their journey and how the Society was founded in order to preserve the pilgrims’ story.

Meeting Flyer for June 2016

Speaker: Aaron Holt, Archives Technician, National Archives Fort Worth

Topic: Beginning Your Native American Genealogical Search

Aaron will explore various Tribal Rolls with a focus on the Five Civilized Tribes (Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole and Cherokee). He will touch on the laws that regulated US Government and Tribal relations. Aaron will attempt to answer, among other questions: Who was a member of the Tribe? What does “By Blood” mean? Was Great-Grandmother a Cherokee Indian Princess?

Meeting Flyer for July 2016

Speaker: Merry Shaw

Topic: Arlington Family History Center


Meeting Flyer for August 2016




Meeting Flyer for September 2016

Speaker: Tresa Tatyrek

Topic: Planning and Executing a Successful Research Trip to Salt Lake City

A trip to the genealogist mecca at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City is on every genealogist’s bucket list. Tresa will discuss how to pack, what to take with you, and how to make lists of things you want to look for so that when you go, you will have more than just a little success. She will also provide tools to help us make those lists.

Meeting Flyer for October 2016




Meeting Flyer for November 2016





Meetings are not generally scheduled in December

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