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Pioneers Found Here 1848-1870


SURNAME      GIVEN NAME             SOURCE           PAGE / NOTES

Inge         J.J.                   1863 Tax List 
Inge         J.J.                   1864 Tax List 
Ingram       Alexander C.           FSoTCT           187
Ingram       J.J.                   1863 Tax List 
Ingram       J.J.                   1864 Tax List 
Ingram       John                   1860 Tax List    
Ingram       John J.                1867 Voters   
Inman        J.                     1860 Tax List    F
Inman        Jackson                1854 Tax List 
Inman        Jackson                FSoTCT           104
Inman        Rufus                  FSoTCT           58
Inman        S. C.                  1860 Tax List    E
Inman        Samuel C.              FSoTCT           126
Irvin        James                  1864 Tax List 
Irvin        Joseph                 1863 Tax List 
Irvin        Joseph                 1864 Tax List 
Irving       Mathias L.             1850 Census      89
Isaacs       A. J.                  FSoTCT           145,213  or Isacks
Isam         James                  1867 Voters   
Isbell       Paul                   1863 Tax List 
Isbell       Paul                   1864 Tax List 
Isbell       Paul                   1860 Tax List    
Ish          A.T.                   1863 Tax List 
Ish          F. A.                  1860 Tax List    
Ish          M. A.                  1860 Tax List    
Ish          Martha                 1863 Tax List 
Ish          Martha                 1864 Tax List 
Ish          Martha A.              1863 Tax List 
Ish          T.A.                   1864 Tax List 
Ivie         Newton                 1867 Voters   
Ivie         V. H.                  1867 Voters   
Ivie         V. J.                  1867 Voters   

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