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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Daab Annie Heirship 4407
Daffron Josephine E. Will 5397
Daffron William W. Heirship 5398
Daggett C. B. Guardianship 4888
Daggett C. W. Temp. Administration 2512
Daggett Caroline M. Will 375
Daggett, Jr. Charles Biggers Will 8356
Daggett Chas. B. Guardianship 1961
Daggett E. M.  Will 433
Daggett, Sr. E. M. Will 435
Daggett Elizabeth J. Will 7343
Daggett Elsie Will 2517
Daggett Henry C. N.C.M. & Guardianship 1602
Daggett John P. Will 5581
Daggett Sarah Elizabeth Will 3985
Daggett Sarah Ellen Will 3514
Daggett Thomas C. Guardianship 7557
Dahse C. A. Comm. Administration 9136
Dailey Mrs. Rachel Temp. Administration 1394
Daily P. P. Will 7817
Daily Stephen Will 3907
Daisley Mrs. N.C.M. 2030
Dale Alice N.C.M. 100
Dale Alice N.C.M. 446
Daley Mrs. M. E. N.C.M. 2279
Dall John N.C.M. 1520
Dalton Eugene, Kittie, & Lucile Temp. Guardianship 3048
Daly F. W. Will 3198
Daniel Garttrell Temp. Administration 9210
Daniel Joseph E. Temp. Administration 7273
Daniel Margaret Application ? 280
Daniel Margaret Administration 3586
Daniel Margaret Administration 3613
Daniel Mary Susan Guardianship 439
Daniel Paul Will 3456
Daniel S. A. Administration 120
Daniel, et al Vera Guardianship 3110
Daniels Alzada Will 457
Daniels, et al John Guardianship 201
Dankles John Will 2557
Danner Mrs. M. M. Will 5168
Danner M. T. Will 2669
Dansby T. J. Temp. Administration 5194
Darcy Sam J. Administration 2183
Darcy Sam J. Administration 2231
Darling Curtis A. Will 3516
Darling Emma Guardianship 2564
D'Armond Susan Ann Will 3261
Darnell Addie R. Will 7067
Darnell Mrs. Bessie Comm. Administration 3551
Darrah Agnes Will 8411
Darrah Lela May Will 5141
Darrah Raymond Wesley Guardianship 8665
Darter I. M. Will 1289
Darter, et al John W. Guardianship 2387
Darwin Jack Morris Guardianship 3564
Dashill George H. Guardianship 2446
Daugherty R. F. Guardianship 4556
Daugherty Mrs. Sarah N.C.M. 284
Daugherty Thomas Temp. Administration 6039
Daugherty Thomas Administration 6041
Davenport Joe Bailey Guardianship 5942
Davenport Mrs. V. R. Temp. Administration 4522
Davenport Mrs. V. R. Administration 4539
Davenport Wharton Will 2274
Daves, Jr. et al Ralph Guardianship 7251
Davidson Sam Temp. Administration 8294
Davidson Sam Will 8296
Davidson, et al ? Guardianship 293
Davis A. M. Temp. Administration 1949
Davis C. E. Will 5973
Davis Charles E. Temp. Administration 5819
Davis Charles J. Comm. Administration 7882
Davis D. E. N.C.M. 2875
Davis D. K. Comm. Administration 62C
Davis Dave N.C.M. 55
Davis, et al Dorothy Ina Guardianship 8101
Davis Dorothy Nell Temp. Guardianship 9329
Davis, et al Edith Thelma Guardianship 8245
Davis Emma Z. Comm. Administration 1089
Davis Ethel Comm. Administration 2082
Davis Griffith O. and John T. Guardianship 2107
Davis Harry and Willie Guardianship 5533
Davis Henry Solon Will 5044
Davis J. S. N.C.M. 2996
Davis James W. Guardianship 800
Davis Jas. W. N.C.M. 82
Davis James W. N.C.M.-Guardianship 3177
Davis Jeffie Arlie (Minor) Guardianship 7469
Davis John E. Will 6017
Davis Lawrence D. Temp. Administration 874
Davis Leon Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8638
Davis Leroy  Temp. Guardianship 3948
Davis Marvin L. Temp. Guardianship 3300

Davis Mary Temp. Administration 2596
Davis Mollie Will 1547
Davis Monnie Guardianship 4638
Davis N. S. Will 8396
Davis Nolie Guardianship 478
Davis Pearl Will 5535
Davis Rebecca A. Will 9375
Davis Ruby Lee Guardianship 5901
Davis Samuel Walter Temp. Administration 9112
Davis Susanna Comm. Administration 1607
Davis V. J. Temp. Administration 8067
Davis W. E. Temp.& Perm.Administration 2026
Davis W. G. N. C. M. 1219
Davis W. H. Will 2767
Davis W. T. Will 8859
Davis W. W. N.C.M. 248
Davis Walter  N. C. M. 1899
Davis Walter N. C. M. 1964
Davis Wm.  Will 404
Davis Z. D. Will 6070
Davison D. A. Will 7261
Davison Mrs. D. A. Temp. Administration 7262
Davisson Mrs. A. C. N.C.M. 900
Day A. E. Will 9217
Day Blanche Will 8668
Day  George E. Will 3037
Day James W. Will 5292
Day John C. Will 3438
Day John C. Temp. Administration 3439
Day Margaret Comm. Administration 5737
Day Thomas P. Will 8207
Day W. H. Temp. Administration 5018
Dayton David Will 1033
De Alibine A. R. Administration 1101
Deacon Mrs. S. E. Will 7415
Dean Louisa Comm. Administration 1596
Dean Mollie Comm. Administration 7345
Dean Ruth B. Will 4167
Dean W. R. N.C.M. 27
Dean W. R. N.C.M. 65
Dean W. R. N.C.M. 213
Dearing Ellet Administration 3475
Dearing Ellet Temp. Administration 3522
DeArmond Ray Cordelia Guardianship 8136
Deary Evelyn Guardianship 4152
Deason, et al Edward Guardianship 2273
DeBeque Maggie Administration 8050
DeBeque May Guardianship 8056
DeBeque May Guardianship 8388
DeCamp Harvey Administration 8735
Dee Thomas W. Will 5550
Deeds George W. Comm. Administration 4171
Deffenbach Elizabeth J. Will 5255
Delaney W. Guardianship 1729
Delhorn, et al Mary M. Guardianship 3678
Delipsey Sunbeam Guardianship 5679
Deming Kittie Administration 4952
Dempsey James M. Temp. Administration 7348
Denges, et al William Guardianship 4923
Denison Charlie Temp. Guardianship 5412
Denney, et al Thomas B. Guardianship 501
Dennis Hazel Temp. Guardianship 3186
Denny Mary C. Will 3020
Denny William F. Guardianship 3163
Dent Mary Comm. Administration 5657
Dent, et al Dewey Guardianship 5475
Denton, et al Thomas H. Guardianship 3742
DeTrice H. Administration 40
Dewees Mrs. Dora Belle Will 4969
DeWitt  A. J.  Administration 2262
DeWitt, Jr. et al Howard C. Guardianship 8798
DeWitt Mrs. Guardianship 1775
DeWitt Mrs. Olga Guardianship 2870
DeWitt Mrs. Lottie Administration 8797
DeWitt, et al Terressa Guardianship 2260
DeZelle R. E. Guardianship 5110
Diamond Mrs. Eliza N.C.M. 2006
Dias N. C. Temp. Administration 7012
Dias Nicholas C. Will 7255
Diaz Paequints Temp. Administration 5175
Dick Robert Temp. Guardianship 5260
Dickenson Wm. C. Temp. Administration 9282
Dickenson William Doran Comm. Administration 8043
Dickenson William Doran Will 8061
Dickerson Mrs. M. E. N.C.M. 7604
Dickerson N. J. Administration 735
Dickey Lou E. Will 2537
Dickey Nellie Guardianship 2533
Dickey R. C. Will 4713
Dickhoff Burnard Guardianship 455
Dickhuff Bernard Guardianship 1017
Dickinson John Williams Administration 7707
Dickinson Mrs. M. E. Will 7019
Dickinson Paul Guardianship 3233

Dickson  Davidson A. Administration 3027
Dickson G. C. Administration 5035
Dickson, et al Gladys Guardianship 2732
Dickson Marguerite Guardianship 5050
Dickson Mary E. Guardianship 3259
Dieb Carter Will 7008
Dieb Mary Hannah Will 4417
Dieb Willie Guardianship 4324
Diehl Mildred Guardianship 3942
Diehl Mildred Guardianship 3990
Dietz Charles Will 5252
Digges W. H. Will 7131
Dignum, et al Ruth  Guardianship 5764
Dill Claude & Henry Guardianship 4246
Dill L. A. Will 4229
Dill Roy E. Guardianship 1350
Dillard Gussie E. Guardianship 5142
Dillon Ed  Will 4409
Dillon Helen Temp. Guardianship 7746
Dillon John Administration 8589
Dillon Louise Temp. Administration 2909
Dillon M.  Guardianship 2204
Dillon Mike N.C.M. 2004
Dillon Mike N.C.M. 2018
Dillon, Jr. W. C. Guardianship 7125
Dillow Samuel Lucas Temp. Administration 9138
Dingee George H. Will 3534
Dingee, Jr, et al Henry L. Guardianship 7484
Dinkins, et al Gertrude Guardianship 9367
Dinkins  T. M. Temp. Administration 4175
Dinkins, et al Thomas Temp. Guardianship 4148
Dinon B. M. J. Will 5890
Dishroon W. S. N.C.M. 2064
Ditto  Elizabeth  Guardianship 4378
Ditto J. W. Will 7337
Ditto Jack & Thomas Guardianship 1533
Ditto John Alex Guardianship 8058
Ditto, et al Tera Guardianship 3762
Dixon A. K. Temp. Administration 1717
Dixon, et al Bettie F. Guardianship 2478
Dixon Charles and Hezekiah Guardianship 332
Dixon Frances Will 941
Dixon  H. C. Administration 2751
Dixon Herbert L. Temp. Administration 8518
Dixon Minnie P. Guardianship 1500
Dixon Virginia Guardianship 332
Dixon W. H. H. Will 2801
Doak  W. A. Administration 8377
Doaks Mrs. Lottie Temp. Administration 4891
Dobbs Lavana Guardianship 5806
Dobbs William Henry Temp. Administration 5802
Dobkins J. E. Comm. Administration 2742
Dobkins Nannie J. Comm. Administration 1063
Dobkins Sarah A. Administration 1552
Dockstader G. L. Will 8722
Dodd Rose Will 3235
Dodson Alta Oma Guardianship 1898
Dodson Constant Administration 44
Dodson, et al Guy Temp. Guardianship 3052
Dodson James Samuel Administration 4305
Dodson O. May Guardianship 1897
Dodson Thomas L. Guardianship 4695
Doherty Kate McDade Will 9281
Dolan John Administration 7548
Dolan John Will 7549
Donalson, et al Edna Guardianship 3311
Donalson L. B. Will 8227
Donalson W. F. Will 2825
Donnell, et al May Temp. Guardianship 4489
Donnell Walter L. Administration 4933
Donnelly A. M. Will 9307
Donnelly Richard Will 1498
Donohue Jno. Will 4731
Donovan Frank Administration 8062
Donovan Frank Will 8147
Dooley Jim Guardianship 187
Dooley Thomas J. Comm. Administration 3751
Doremus Carry L. Comm. Administration 2659
Dorsey Sam J. Administration 2183
Dorsey Sam J. Administration 2231
Doss Julia Comm. Administration 3221
Dotson Mrs. Kansas Guardianship 1186
Dougherty Katie Guardianship 2189
Dougherty Myrtle I. Guardianship 3129
Dougherty Thomas Administration 6041
Doughty, et al Louisa Guardianship 1319
Douglas  Sallie V. Guardianship 2794
Douglass Anna D. Comm. Administration 2545
Douglass Eddie Temp. Guardianship 3034
Douglass Howard  Guardianship 278
Dover R. Elmer Temp. Administration 5520
Dover R. Elmer Administration 5572
Dow Asa Administration 500
Dow E. Brook Guardianship 129

Dow Jennie Guardianship 770
Dowler Elizabeth M. Will 8560
Downie Fay, Maud, & Sallie Guardianship 1092
Downie John Comm. Administration 589
Downing Clarence Comm. Administration 4776
Doyle James E. Administration 8811
Doyle Loma Gene Guardianship 8282
Drake Leland M. Administration 3614
Drake Mrs. M. E. Will 8358
Draper S. F. Temp. Administration 1750
Drees Albert Guardianship 9344
Drenning Charles Guardianship 1011
Drew Dr. C. M. Temp. Administration 2854
Drew Hettie Administration 1259
Drew Oscar Administration 9077
Drick Frank Temp. Administration 7176
Drick Frank Administration 7189
Dryden Mrs. Agnes Will 4807
Dryden Mrs. M. A. Administration 2348
Dryer Travers F. Guardianship 7455
Ducker Mrs. Maud Peters Guardianship 5494
Duckett J. A. Comm. Administration 2485
Duff Cullen Administration 2
Duffey John Fred Guardianship 3644
Dugan Nellie Administration 9334
Duhr, et al Mike Floyd Temp. Guardianship 8345
Duke, et al Daisy Guardianship 7426
Duke, et al Harry G. Temp. Guardianship 5841
Duke Martha N.C.M. 1743
Duke Martha N.C.M. 2977
Duke W. H. Administration 9066
Dukes A. J.  Will 7435
Dukes L. S. Guardianship 9025
Dukes Mrs. M. V. Will 2393
Dumas H. S. Comm. Administration 2571
Dumble Helen Will 4465
Dunagan Ernest Karl Guardianship 7653
Dunaway, et al Gentry Gray Guardianship 8422
Duncan, et al Elbert Guardianship 1437
Duncan Jerome Will 4170
Duncan Jodie Guardianship 1802
Duncan Katherine Guardianship 5999
Duncan Margaret Christiana Will 8164
Duncan Mexia Guardianship 691
Dunham C. M. Administration 1916
Dunham Lucy J. Will 1917
Dunham Robert Moore Guardianship 1918
Dunlap F. A. Comm. Administration 2864
Dunlap, et al Gus Guardianship 7039
Dunlap Gus & Edward Guardianship 5089
Dunlap Kathleen N.C.M. 63
Dunlap Leola Temp. Guardianship 3098
Dunlap Mrs. M. L. Will 3457
Dunn Bascom H. Administration 8816
Dunn Evelyne Will 4457
Dunn J. B. Administration 4
Dunn John C. Comm. Administration 13A
Dunn John M. Will 5638
Dunn Kermit Guardianship 8744
Dunn Pat N.C.M. 887
Dunn R. W. N.C.M. 2649
Dunn Willis N.C.M. 2630
Dunnell C. H. Comm. Administration 3596
Dunnigan Daniel Will 9019
Dunwoody C. C. Will 8904
Dunwoody Elijah Temp. Administration 9296
DuPre Mrs. Daniel Will 3474
Durfee Arthur Gordon Guardianship 3161
Duringer J. Will 7244
Duringer Sarah  Will 9285
Duross Alma Teresa Guardianship 2338
Duross Thomas Administration 858
Durrett Edwin Temp. Guardianship 6053
Durrett Mrs. V. C. Will 8851
Durwin John N.C.M. 2584
Dutt E. A. Comm. Administration 7930
Duvall Martin Comm. Administration 3504

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