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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Infant Child ? Guardianship 1373
Ingalls W. H. Will 9390
Ingalls Willard H. Guardianship 163
Ingrakom Wm. E. Administration 2020
Ingram Eva Guardianship 6050
Ingram J. H. Administration 4900
Ingram  Joseph Administration 2782
Ingram Mrs. Tennie Administration 9146
Ingram, et al Willie Guardianship 2264
Ingram, et al Willie Guardianship 2355
Ingrum E. D. Will 3914
Inman J. C. Guardianship 3730
Inmon Jim Guardianship 281
Ireland Mary Administration 340
Ireland Mary Administration 344
Irvin J. Will 4018
Irvine J. L. Will 3376
Irvine William E. Administration 7933
Irving Joe Administration 3201
Irwin Sarah Guardianship 1934
Isbell George Administration 310
Isbell J. C. Administration 2904
Isbell J. C. Will 2910
Isenbmer James M. Will 1107
Isenhower G. W. Administration 7735
Ivey Sue A. Guardianship 4315
Ivy Eula Lee Administration 5858
Izelle W. F. Administration 8739

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