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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Raab Herman Temp. Administration 7136
Race Enos Comm. Administration 1191
Race Mrs. Florence N.C.M. 2440
Race Mrs. Florence N.C.M. 2460
Rachels Clarice C. Will 8326
Racugno Joe Comm. Administration 4517
Racugno Joe Perm. Administration 4519
Rader, et al Ethel Temp. Guardianship 3703
Raef W. J. Temp. Administration 7129
Rafferty F. L. N.C.M. 113
Ragland, et al Billie Temp.Perm. Guardianship 9020
Ragon Mrs. Sally N.C.M. 2311
Raines Lillie N.C.M. 288
Raines, et al Pope Guardianship 504
Rainey Amanda B. Will 3424
Rainey Mrs. Annie N.C.M. 41
Rainey Mrs. F. O. N.C.M. 59
Rainey Mrs. ? N.C.M. 64
Rains Buford F. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 9227
Rainwater Marshall Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5990
Raiz Sam Administration 5667
Rall  Mrs. E. M. Will 3541
Rall, et al Elbert G. Guardianship 427
Ralston Anna J. Will 7106
Ralston C. G. Administration 5439
Ralston Mrs. Kate N.C.M. 99
Ralston Mrs. Kate N.C.M. 2522
Rambo, et al Earl A. Guardianship 4646
Ramiriz Jose Temp. Administration 3056
Ramsdale E. E. Temp.Perm. Administration 7986
Ramsdale Elizabeth Will 3372
Ramsey C. T. Temp. Administration 5445
Ramsey Elvet D. N.C.M. - Guardianship 5731
Ramsey G. H. Administration 4820
Ramsey M. M. Comm. Administration 47
Ramsey Wm. Temp. Administration 1215
Randal Clara and Thos. J. Guardianship 452
Randal Lee and Nancy Guardianship 843
Randall Geo. N.C.M. 1754
Randall L. M. A. Guardianship 207
Randall Sarah Will 3591
Randle Mary Temp. Administration 3647
Randle Mary Temp. Perm. Guardianship 8633
Randle Ray Will 8767
Randle Rose A. Will 4986
Randol R. A. Will 7755
Randol W. H. Administration 7377
Randolph Horace Temp. Administration 6012
Randolph James L. Will 1830
Randolph Mrs. M. A. Will 6046
Randolph Margarette A. Will 6076
Randon Bessie Lee Guardianship 4790
Raney H. H. Comm. Administration 4452
Raney Helen Temp. Guardianship 4528
Rankin E. G. N.C.M.Comm.Administration 8382
Ransom Fred N.C.M. 228
Ransome Annie N.C.M. 44
Rasmussen C. Temp. Administration 7104
Rasmussen Frances Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7061
Rass Zeno C. Will 1390
Rathfon Jerome C. Temp.Perm. Administration 8426
Ratigan Alberta E. Will 3279
Ratigan John T. Temp. Guardianship 3368
Ratliff F. Comm. Administration 4554
Ratliff H. D. Temp.Perm. Administration 8956
Ratliff J. W. Temp. Administration 4829
Ratliff J. W. Administration 4856
Ratliff Ruth Guardianship 5133
Ratliff T. N. Administration 8401
Rawlins, et al Lyda Alice Guardianship 7891
Rawls Jimmie Comm. Administration 5594
Ray, et al Henry Samuel Guardianship 8276
Ray, et al Lola Guardianship 2386
Ray Louise Temp. Guardianship 7493
Ray Mary A. Will 9
Ray Sallie Guardianship 333
Ray Samuel E. Administration 8789
Ray Wm. N. Comm. Administration 511
Rayfield George Temp.Perm. Administration 2065
Raynes Nancy N.C.M. 96
Rea Estelle Floyd Will 7644
Rea Roy McKimley Guardianship 4358
Rea J. T. Administration 5256
Rea John  N.C.M.-Temp.Guardianship 3956
Rea Mrs. Kitty Administration 9238
Rea Mary S. Temp. Administration 8497
Rea Nellie May Guardianship 5562
Rea, et al Nellie May Guardianship 8519
Rea Zoe Will 8528
Read O. J. N.C.M. 46
Ready Ella Will 8883
Reagan, et al Chester Haile Temp. Guardianship 3821
Reagan Jerry R. Guardianship 4338
Reagan Mrs. Laura Haile Will 3720

Reagan Otto Guardianship 4266
Ream E. P. Administration 7844
Reaves Wilson Temp. Guardianship 4385
Record Mattie J. Guardianship 146
Rector Ed Administration 4209
Redd, et al Melvin B. Guardianship 8461
Reddick, et al Dewitt Guardianship 5483
Reddick  Walter Newton Guardianship 8764
Redding Rufus Guardianship 7034
Redenbaugh Mrs. Bertha Belle Will 3630
Redford ? N.C.M. 1214
Redford R. J. Comm. Administration 5460
Redford W. F. N.C.M. 706
Redman Henry Guardianship 2757
Reece Dora Thelma Guardianship 5078
Reece Frances Ruth Guardianship 7371
Reed Callie Comm. Administration 8313
Reed Commodore Temp. Guardianship 3284
Reed Flora N.C.M. 290
Reed Henry Amma & Rossa Guardianship 1086
Reed J. H. Temp.Perm. Administration 483
Reed, et al James H. Guardianship 8628
Reed Josiah N. Administration 1803
Reed Mrs. Julia Administration 5644
Reed Mary T. Will 1270
Reed Ruth Comm. Administration 284
Reed Sam N.C.M.-Guardianship 5874
Reeder Dora G. Will 4253
Reeder Tillie N.C.M. 2599
Reeder Wallace Earle Guardianship 4271
Reedy Bertie Maud, Eva, Willie Guardianship 1603
Reedy J. C. N.C.M. 2702
Reedy Pete Temp. Administration 5938
Reedy Susie and Rosa Guardianship 1603
Reese, et al Guy Monroe Guardianship 9336
Reese John S. Will 7656
Reeve Miriam Dell Guardianship 5579
Reeves Edward Temp. Guardianship 3781
Reeves Edward Guardianship 4515
Reeves Edward Guardianship 7520
Reeves Edna May Temp. Guardianship 5518
Reeves Elda Will 3646
Reeves Eli N.C.M. 111
Reeves Eva and Lee Guardianship 932
Reeves G. F. Comm. Administration 679
Reeves V. A. Will 7558
Reeves Wm. L. Administration 8556
Regal Sacremento Temp. Administration 3125
Regan, et al Albert D. Guardianship 5037
Regan T. M. Temp. Administration 3021
Regan T. M. Administration 3119
Reger Jerome  Guardianship 986
Reger Miss N.C.M. 31
Reiley Carroll W. Guardianship 2334
Reiley Nancy B. Will 2345
Reilly, Jr. E. A. Guardianship 8895
Reisacker J. J. Temp. Administration 4286
Reiter Julia Guardianship 4318
Reitz John Will 2598
Reitz John B. Temp. Administration 7450
Reitz Margaret Will 672
Rellihan P. W. Temp. Administration 4772
Remington Catherine Will 4343
Remington W. H. Will 8976
Remington Wm. F. Will 8889
Renfro, Jr. Charles F. Guardianship 8397
Renick Mrs. Lizzie N.C.M. 2341
Reno Chas. N.C.M. 60
Reno Nancy N.C.M. 2949
Rentz Mary Emma Will 7329
Resbury Jas. Comm. Administration 576
Reuter Frederick William Guardianship 7837
Reves E. C. Will 3317
Reves W. O. Will 8143
Reynolds Emma N.C.M.Comm.Administration 2712
Reynolds Chas. R. Guardianship 3104
Reynolds F. T. Will 4618
Reynolds George T. Will 8431
Reynolds Johnnie Guardianship 5943
Reynolds Mrs. W. B. N.C.M. 2333
Rhannbo Alberta Will 5152
Rhodes Eula Comm. Administration 7230
Rhodes  Hampton and Pearl Receiver and Guardianship 1549
Rhodes J. S. Comm. Administration 1556
Rhodes Leander Jackson Guardianship 3587
Rhodes, et al Thos. F. Guardianship 1389
Rhodey J. C. N.C.M. 2931
Rhome R. J.  Will 8874
Rhone Effie Will 2454
Rhone Ivor Temp. Guardianship 8314
Rice Garvey Guardianship 4462
Rice J. E. Comm. Administration 3772
Rice J. M. N.C.M. 5
Rice Lawrence Buford Guardianship 9257

Rich Mary F. Comm. Administration 2717
Richard Annie Lee Guardianship 1069
Richards Frederick Will 7388
Richards Lottie M. Guardianship 2862
Richards Mrs. Mary J. Will 5357
Richardson Edna E. Will 5187
Richardson Elmo and Roy Guardianship 4276
Richardson F. M. Will 3420
Richardson Jas. B. Administration 1200
Richardson Jessie Evelin Guardianship 5188
Richardson Jno. A. Administration 3168
Richardson John N.C.M. 704
Richardson L. D. N.C.M. 230
Richardson Mary Grace Guardianship 4268
Richardson Maude Guardianship 4252
Richardson Maude Will 7804
Richardson Maude Temp. Administration 7806
Richardson Maud B. Guardianship 3403
Richardson Ray Temp. Guardianship 5847
Richen Max N.C.M. 2022
Richerson B. F. Will 8268
Richey A. C. Administration 432
Ricks Bolin Will 1598
Riddell Ben Reaves Administration 8836
Riddle, et al Martha E. Guardianship 94
Rider Frank Guardianship 8125
Ridgway Abby Rilla Guardianship 6036
Riding Horace Temp. Administration 5082
Riedel Helen Louise Guardianship 7655
Rigdon Ethel and Ora Frank Guardianship 1625
Riggins Dorothy Guardianship 4706
Riggins, et al Ernest Guardianship 9087
Riggle Frank T. and J. H. Guardianship 911
Riggles Jacob Comm. Administration 700
Rigguis Dorothy Temp. Guardianship 3699
Riley Barney Will 3160
Riley Frankie Temp. Guardianship 6059
Riley Hattie Temp. Administration 7121
Riley James Temp. Administration 3306
Riley Jonathan Administration 71
Riley Mary Eugenie Temp. Guardianship 4858
Riley, et al Patrick Andrew Guardianship 7291
Rineheart Veda Temp. Guardianship 9104
Rines Nancy B. N.C.M. 975
Rinker W. B. Will 3337
Rinker Wm. Bryant Temp. Administration 3337
Rintleman, Jr. A. G. Guardianship 2722
Rintleman C. H. Administration 976
Rintleman, et al Julia Amelia Guardianship 999
Risley W. H. N.C.M. 3010
Rittenhouse W. E. Administration 3769
Rivas Alejandra Guardianship 8000
Roark Mrs. A. E. N.C.M. 2542
Roark Mrs. America J. Administration 7306
Roark Mrs. America J. Will 7318
Roark Annie N.C.M. 1860
Roark Mrs. Annie E. N.C.M. 1837
Roark Annie E. N.C.M. 2975
Roark J. A. Will 2622
Roark Walter H. Administration 4125
Robbins Faye Guardianship 8613
Robbins J. Fred Will 8911
Robbins Jane E. Will 9068
Robbins John Miller Will 5940
Robbins Mrs. Pearl Temp. Perm. Guardianship 5281
Robbins Sarah Will 2062
Robbins Upha S. Will 9029
Roberson Edna Jane Administration 8765
Roberts, et al Anna L. Guardianship 4738
Roberts Annie J. Guardianship 1977
Roberts Clarence A. Will 3766
Roberts, et al Edward C. Guardianship 3767
Roberts Ellie D. Temp.Perm. Administration 8844
Roberts Mrs. Henry N.C.M. 624
Roberts Hugh Guardianship 147
Roberts J. William Administration 2835
Roberts Lela Guardianship 4730
Roberts M. E. Will 4189
Roberts, et al Neal Temp. Guardianship 5415
Roberts, et al Percival Temp. Perm. Guardianship 4654
Roberts Robert E. Temp. Administration 5846
Roberts S. E. N.C.M. 2159
Roberts Sarah L. Comm. Administration 7157
Robertson Mr. ? N.C.M. 2051
Robertson Jno. J. Guardianship 1125
Robertson Lena and John J. Guardianship 1123
Robertson Lida Will 4780
Robertson (Minors) Guardianship 2506
Robertson Nora I. N.C.M. 1925
Robertson Roy L.  Comm. Administration 7943
Robertson,et al Ruth Temp. Guardianship 8055
Robinson A. M. Temp. Administration 3347
Robinson B. M. Will 8561
Robinson Bert  N.C.M.-Guardianship 8957

Robinson Mrs. C. N.C.M. 234
Robinson Celia Will 440
Robinson, et al Fannye R. Temp. Guardianship 5656
Robinson, et al Frances Elizabeth Guardianship 7398
Robinson George, Baby, Lela, John Guardianship 1190
Robinson Helen Louise Guardianship 7424
Robinson J. C. N.C.M. 2295
Robinson, et al Jack Guardianship 9040
Robinson James Forest Guardianship 5413
Robinson Jennie V. Comm. Administration 4661
Robinson Jno. B. Temp. Administration 2424
Robinson John H. Temp. Administration 1143
Robinson Josephine Comm. Administration 378
Robinson Lee and Ora Lee Administration 9305
Robinson Lydia and Walter G. Guardianship 1190
Robinson Martha  Temp. Administration 5054
Robinson Mary A. Will 8530
Robinson Thelma Lucile Temp. Guardianship 5414
Robinson W. L. Guardianship 1052
Robinson W. M. Temp. Administration 5655
Robinson W. M. Administration 5691
Robinson William Temp. Administration 7156
Robinson William Administration 7183
Robinson, et al Willie V. Guardianship 4458
Robson Floyd Guardianship 2124
Robson Harriet Will 2083
Roch Odie N.C.M. 66
Rocha Joaquin Temp. Administration 7068
Roche Agnes and Honora Guardianship 1079
Roche Eugene Will 3428
Roche J. C. Will 115
Roche Mary A. Comm. Administration 883
Roche Percy E. Inheritance Tax 8467
Roche Thomas Temp. Administration 1076
Rochester E. W. N.C.M. 1755
Rochester L. C. Administration 3140
Rock Josephine Frances Guardianship 8420
Rodems Mrs. Ida Administration 7052
Rodems John Administration 7051
Rodgers Cleveland, Martha, Lena Guardianship 899
Rodgers D. P. N.C.M. 1004
Rodgers, et al Ruth Guardianship 7994
Roe. Sr. Caroline M. Will 1710
Roe, et al Chas. Guardianship 2312
Roe. Sr. James G. Will 1709
Roe Jenny H. S. Temp. Administration, Will 5192
Roeder Herman Will 8751
Roetz Gustan Will 4721
Rogan Eugene L. Temp. Administration 4038
Rogan Odalie Guardianship 5920
Roger Jerome Guardianship 888
Rogers, Jr. A. J. Guardianship 4366
Rogers, et al Albert  Guardianship 1413
Rogers Andrew J. and Sarah Administration 9240
Rogers, et al Bernice Guardianship 2846
Rogers D. C. Will 3410
Rogers Edwin Pratt Temp. Guardianship 5546
Rogers, et al Frederick W. Temp. Guardianship 5580
Rogers G. W. Temp. Administration 4467
Rogers Helen  Guardianship 5087
Rogers Herbert M. Temp.Perm. Administration 7060
Rogers Iris Guardianship 2882
Rogers J. T. Will 4134
Rogers Jesse Craft Guardianship 7897
Rogers L. C. Will 8856
Rogers Martha Louise Temp. Guardianship 7824
Rogers R. M. Temp. Administration 1481
Rogers, et al Ruby Guardianship 2223
Rogers S. C. Temp. Administration 3126
Rogers Sadie C. Temp. Administration 4876
Rogers, et al W. T. Guardianship 8941
Rogers Wm. M. Will 2436
Rohrer C. L. Temp.Perm.Administration 7610
Rolston C. G. Administration 5440
Romans, et al Carl Guardianship 4563
Rominger O. H. Temp. Administration 3649
Rominger O. H. Will 3650
Rominger W. I. O. Will 8899
Rone Christine Lota Guardianship 8119
Roods Cal N.C.M. 85
Root C. W. N.C.M. 119
Root C. W. N.C.M.-Guardianship 3312
Root Ethal and Eva Guardianship 803
Ropke Fred Will 8128
Roppert Mantia N.C.M. 1244
Rorex Jno. C. Comm. Administration 3150
Rose J. P. Comm. Administration 2166
Rose, et al Maggie C. Guardianship 3760
Rose, et al Maggie C. Guardianship 4105
Rose  Mrs. P. L. Comm. Administration 3499
Rose William Temp. Administration 7095
Rose William Administration 7113
Rosen Rachel Will 985
Rosenthal Theodore F. Temp.Perm. Administration 9291

Rosestein Max Comm. Administration 8351
Ross Anna Eudora, Arthur,Wm. Guardianship 265
Ross B. H. Temp. Administration 264
Ross D. S. Will 8348
Ross Dan Will 8740
Ross Ida Will 5606
Ross J. A. N. C. M. 2456
Ross J. V. Administration 168
Ross Joseph N. Temp. Administration 5685
Ross Laura A. Comm. Administration 3822
Ross Thomas D. Will 8931
Ross W. A. Will 1604
Ross Walter Will 3507
Ross Wm. H. Will 5341
Ross Zeno C. Will 1390
Rosseau Leona C. & Martha M. Guardianship 279
Rosser Agatha Temp. Administration 7026
Rosser Geraldine Guardianship 7250
Rosson John K. Inheritance Tax 9395
Rothrock James Administration 2016
Roughton Frankie C. Guardianship 3072
Roughton Mrs. H. M. Temp. Administration 2650
Rountree, et al Oscar Beverly Guardianship 8192
Rouse I. W. Will 5941
Roush Charles  Will 9209
Rousseau Green L. Administration 317
Routh J. W. Temp. Administration 1338
Rowdon B. B. Will 8832
Rowden, et al Mack Guardianship 7253
Rowe Edgar Temp. Administration 5013
Rowe Edgar Administration 5068
Rowe Emolene and Murl Guardianship 7358
Rowe J. P. Comm. Administration 5625
Rowe James E. Temp.Perm.Administration 7280
Rowe, et al Jimmie Guardianship 7357
Rowe Ruby Temp.Perm.Administration 5473
Rowe Tommie Guardianship 7356
Rowland W. H. Will 6080
Rowley Charles E. Will 9228
Roy  Craven Guardianship 2344
Roy Ethel Guardianship 3100
Roy Grady Warren Guardianship 4573
Roy  John C. Will 2539
Roy, et al Mary S. Guardianship 1014
Royalty Albert and Jesse Guardianship 7635
Royalty J. P. N.C.M. 144
Rubinovitz Philip Temp. Administration 7234
Rubinovitz Rosie Will 5987
Rubio V. Administration 7576
Ruble C. R. Comm. Administration 6047
Rubottom, et al Milton A. Guardianship 4542
Rucker G. A. Administration 2267
Ruckman Edward Guardianship 2942
Ruckman William E. Guardianship 2703
Rudd Ed Will 3464
Ruddell Geo. Will 331
Ruddell Geo. Will 331
Rudloff, et al Otto Guardianship 8039
Rudy J. C. N.C.M. 2771
Rudy J. C. N.C.M. 2
Rumbley J. L. Comm. Administration 2868
Rumbley Mary Ann Comm. Administration 2867
Rumfield O. N.C.M.-Guardianship 5051
Rumfield Ozias Administration 5863
Rumph Bessie  Comm. Administration 5307
Rumph W. V. Will 7771
Rundle David F. Will 4085
Runnels Elijah Comm. Administration 5041
Runnells Lillie D. Comm. Administration 2682
Runyon, et al Gladys Will 4624
Runyon Silas Comm. Administration 3498
Rush  John Administration 2441
Rushing Jessie Guardianship 232
Rushing M. A. N.C.M. 997
Ruskovitch Victor Temp. Administration 5249
Russell Bedford Elden Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5588
Russell Clyde Guardianship 2723
Russell, et al Cornelia Guardianship 5718
Russell Eva Guardianship 2230
Russell, et al Harrold Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8449
Russell J. M. Temp. Administration 2084
Russell L. J. N.C.M. 2610
Russell M. E. Will 5297
Russell Mrs. Maude Will 7212
Russell Thomas Administration 7430
Russell Thomas Temp. Administration 7434
Rust E. F. Administration 1675
Ruth Mack Temp. Administration 7743
Rutledge Geo. C. Will 2481
Rutledge, et al Grady  Guardianship 2482
Ryan Mrs. ? N.C.M. 806
Ryan C. E. Will 1424
Ryan Jake Temp. Guardianship 5882
Ryan, et al Mabel Guardianship 1471

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