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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Valentine Ella L. Will 8648
Valentine J. E. Comm. Administration 4834
Valentine Jessie N.C.M. 239
Valentine Pearl M.  Will 3445
Valentine R. T. Will 2857
Valle Maria, Juan, Manuel Temp. Administration 5714
Valle Nicandar Temp. Administration 5712
Valleys Pedro Temp. Administration 9212
Valter August N.C.M. 2796
Vance Edwin N.C.M. 1951
Van Cleave Mrs. N. J. Will 5783
Van Dessen Myrtle May N.C.M.-Guardianship 8017
Van Shaack Alsar N.C.M. 112
Van Zandt E. B. Guardianship 7192
Van Zandt Elias B. Temp. Administration 5906
Van Zandt Elias B. Will 5907
Van Zandt Jerry D. Guardianship 7485
Van Zandt, et al Lennie Guardianship 2990
Van Zandt Mattie V. Comm. Administration 451
Van Zandt (Minors) Guardianship 463
Van Zandt Sidney Temp. Guardianship 9263
Vandiver M. S. Will 2122
Vanhorn Geo. N.C.M. 1845
Vanhorn George or Sam N.C.M. 1858
Vann Geo. Ellis Comm. Administration 8952
Vann, et al Vincent Guardianship 7011
Vassall Thomas Guardianship 4616
Vassall Thos. Will 4873
Vaugh Mrs. ? N.C.M. 42
Vaughn Mrs. M. E. Will 7202
Vaughn Samuel Will 3262
Veal W. G. Will 1198
Veatch Helen Johnson Comm. Administration 7386
Ventioner Isaac P. Guardianship 281
Vera J. Adams Will 5665
Vercoe H. L. Copy of Will 615
Verdier C. C. Copy of Will 335
Verdier M. S. Guardianship 364
Verney Srevert Guardianship 7422
Vernon George F. Will 9248
Vestal S. J. Temp. Administration 5245
Vestal S. J. Administration 5261
Vickery Mattie B. Comm. Administration 8381
Vickery Nellie M. Comm. Administration 2134
Vickery R, Administration 4278
Vincent Alice W. Will 811
Vincent J. M. Will 8299
Vincent J. M. Temp. Administration 8300
Vincent, et al Leuthera Guardianship 6035
Vincent Wm. Will 4265
Vines B. D. Guardianship 1922
Vines J. E. Will 5992
Vines James W. Will 2633
Vines John D. Temp. Administration 9132
Vinsant, et al Willie Guardianship 7102
Vipe Irving D. Guardianship 7873
Volderaner Josephine N.C.M.-Guardianship 3711
Volke Amile August Guardianship 1441
Von Carlowitz Laura Will 5403
Von Loopik Peter Administration 7788
Vonnida, et al Margie Elizabeth Guardianship 2458
Voss J. T. Temp. Administration 7020
Voss J. T. Will 7032
Voss J. T. Temp. Administration 7079
Voss Linar Will 9086
Voss William Will 3779
Vyse Irving Dawson Guardianship 7340

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