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Deloye Ray Alford - WW II                              Victor Kirklighter - Vietnam War
John W. Averitt - WW I                                    Frederick F Luhning - WW II
Thomas Wayne Barker - WW II                       Carl B. McDougal - WW II
A. Mickey Battistoni - WW II                           Jack Curtis Melton - WW II
Charles T. Bear - WW I                                    Robert C. Muller - WW I 
Lawrence Biondo - WW II                                Leon Joseph Napoli - Korean War
Phillip Roy Carona - Korean War                      Elmer H. Neumann - WW II
Emanuel Endresen - WW I                                George Willis Richards - WW II
Gabriel Galli - WW I                                         Arthur L. Schmidt - WW II
Paul James Galli - WW I                                   Frederick W. Schmidt - WW II
Paul James Galli - WW I                                   George B. Schmidt - WW II
Maurice M. Green - Korean War                      Walter F. Schmidt - WW I
Percy J. Hartman - WW I                                  Frank E. Strom - WW I
Guy G.  Hennisen - WW I                                 Charles H. Tuttle  - Spanish American War
James W. Horton - WW II                                Charles H. Tuttle, Jr. - WW II
John Herman Jones - WW I                              Willie Reuben Watts - WW II
                                  Chester Leroy Woods, Jr. - WW II   


We would like to thank Will and Pharulene Deats for their help in compiling this information. We would also
like to recognize Eunice Lanning Andrus, Lucille Smith Craddock, Rose Powell and Ella Lee Sheffield,
members of the Texas City Ancestry Searchers who in June 1977 helped to publish information on the
Dickinson City Cemetery.


                  by Wilson and Phraulene Deats
                         P.O. Box 32

                         Dickinson, TX 77539-0032


Passed by the progress of the world around it, the old Dickinson City Cemetery lies peacefully out of the way on the banks of the Bayou where once the community picnic grounds stood.  It is on the site that the first Protestant Church in Dickinson was built.


The cemetery has a long history. Prior to 1882, the land was owned by W. P. Ballinger, who in that year signed a quit-claim to W. S. Deats et al, for the purpose of building a Methodist church.


The 1900 Storm destroyed the church building and the church was rebuilt on higher ground.  Several members of the congregation died before the church was destroyed and were buried on the grounds.  The cemetery has more than 400 grave sites, many belonging to Dickinson ’s original settlers.


The “ Dickinson Cemetery ” is sort of a misnomer, as the land does not really belong to the city nor the county.  Although the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church now stands near the Dickinson Cemetery , the cemetery does not belong to that church. In trying to research the cemetery’s background, it was found that the Galveston County records still show this property belonging to the Methodist Church .


Some of the original records were destroyed in 1961 by Hurricane Carla.  After Hurricane Alicia, there was a city-wide clean-up of the cemetery.  With professional lawn service, it has remained in good condition.  It is maintained mostly from donations given by the families of relatives buried there.


On Monday, December 5, 2004 the Tejas Bluebonnet Trails Chapter of the National Society of the Colonial Dames  17th Century dedicated a historical marker.  One of the objectives of the Colonial Dames is to help preserve the records and historical sites of America .  This dedication was well attended and a reception at First United Methodist Church   was hosted by the Tejas Bluebonnet Trails Chapter.


For nearly 60 years Wilson Deats has been the caretaker of the records.  He works with local funeral homes in the location for the lots and with families seeking information on the lots.


If you have never visited the cemetery, it is located to the south of the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.


This information current as of May 2008, burials will be added as received.