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1930 Federal Census - Collin County, Texas

ED 43-1 - McKinney, Ward 1

Remember - this is just an index, more information is found on the actual census image!

Sheet numbers

1A to 5B 6A to 10B 11A to 15B 16A to 20B 21A to 25B
26A to 30B 31A to 35B 36A to 40B 41A to 45B 46A to 50B
51A to 55B 56A to 60B 61A to 65B 66A to 70B 71A to 75B
76A to 80B 81A to 85B 86A to 90B 91A to 95B 96A to 100B
101A to 105B 106A to 110B 111A to 115B 116A to 120B 121A to 125B
126A to 130B 131A to 132B      
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